Jonathan Ramirez
12 December 2017
 On Saturday, December 9th, Boxing returned to New York City, and where else but the world famous Madison Square Garden. This card featured a major fight which served as the coming out party for one former Vasyl Lomachenko, one of the fastest as...
Zach Riley
11 December 2017
It's set to be a busy week in the world of martial arts. From Karate to Boxing, there are many exciting events to keep an eye on. We've compiled a roundup of some of the more important goings-on this coming week to help you keep up to date on the wor...
Zach Riley
06 December 2017
Unfortunately, careers in martial arts don't always end on a high note. Miguel Cotto's boxing career ended with a loss in his last fight before retirement. While it was a fairly even fight with several rounds in the middle of the match that could hav...
Jonathan Ramirez
26 October 2017
There is no doubt that Miguel Cotto has been one of the greatest and most entertaining boxers of the last decade. Bleacherreport's Briggs Seekins even stated in an article of his that Cotto was one of the 10 greatest boxers of the 2000s. He has had s...
Jonathan Ramirez
26 October 2017
When people today think of trilogy fights we aren't sure how excited to be about them. A trilogy of fights between two opponents occurs when the first fight between the opponents ends and one is declared winner although it may have been close. If thi...

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