Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux Results


 On Saturday, December 9th, Boxing returned to New York City, and where else but the world famous Madison Square Garden. This card featured a major fight which served as the coming out party for one former Vasyl Lomachenko, one of the fastest ascending Junior Lightweights ever, takes on WBA featherweight champion, Cuban Olympian Guillermo Rigondeaux. We'll briefly discuss what went on during the main event and also give a look into the preliminary action. 

Main Event

Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux for the WBO Junior Lightweight Championship

In the first round, both fighters start out tentatively and measure each other other. After a feeling out process, Rigondeaux lands a jab to the body. Lomachenko lands a good right hand counter, and then shortly thereafter he lands a body shot that backs up Rigondeaux. Lomachenko now using his jab well, popping it out with ease and landing it on Rigondeaux a few times, even landing a double jab. Rigondeaux again lands a jab to the midsection. He also lands a left as Lomachenko over commits on his jab. The round ends.

Moving onto the second round, Both men start out jabbing early. Lomachenko begins opening up, and then he lands a body to head combination that backs up Rigondeaux. They clinch break a few times, and the referee is somewhat lenient about it. Rigondeaux misses on a heavy right hook. Rigondeaux does land another body shot though, but Lomachenko continues to land his jab and show superior footwork. Another clinch and Rigondeaux gets clipped as they break up. More holding from Rigondeaux, and he is warned for it. Lomachenko is held some more but he works out of it and lands a speedy combination as the round ends.

In the third round, Lomachenko begins putting in more work. He shoots out his jab lightning fast, and goes for the body shot but it is blocked by Rigondeaux. Rigondeaux shows a bit of defensive skill here, but Lomachenko is still able to sneak in a couple of punches inside the pocket after that, then an uppercut that lands. Rigondeaux once again goes to holding the arms of Lomachenko and the crowd becomes restless. After more exchanges, Lomachenko lands a trio of uppercuts, at least one of which landed flush. Rigondeaux tries to find the left hand but Lomachenko is putting on a boxing clinic.

To begin the fourth, Lomachenko continues working his jab and setting up the straight left behind it. Rigondeaux finds a body shot but misses on a following uppercut. Lomachenko begins throwing more peppering shots and as Rigondeaux tries to fire back, Lomachenko shows off his unreal defensive skill and slip ability, as well as his next level footwork. Watching him fight is watching the very best at the sport go to work. Rigondeaux lands a left hand that grazes the head of Lomachenko, but 'Loma' follows up with a four punch combination and a hard body shot. Rigondeaux is warned for hitting low, and Lomachenko finishes the rest of the round firing off his jab successfully and finishing his onslaught with a hard one two combination. End of round.

In the fifth round, Rigondeaux tries to come out throwing bombs, but Lomachenko easily avoids them and is unfazed. Lomachenko goes back to the uppercuts, and continues throwing hard shots to the head of Rigondeaux, who is able to slip some of Lomachenko's punches, but definitely not all of them. They clinch once again, and as Referee Steve Willis tells them to break, Rigondeaux throws a punch and Willis warns him. As they resume, Lomachenko goes right back to work and lands more hard uppercutsand jabs, and mixes it up with his precise footwork making this flurry brutally accurate. Lomachenko continues to land and over the round, Rigondeaux holds him numerous times, in frustration, exhaustion, or maybe even both.

Now in the 6th round, Lomachenko comes out and lands a check right hook on Rigondeaux, and as Rigondeaux comes forward to clinch as he has all fight, Lomachenko simply sides step his attempt and continues to show off his masterful footwork and technique. He continues to stick out the jab and Rigondeaux tries to duck under excessively to avoid the punches altogether. Lomachenko pokes fun at this and aggressively pats him on the head a few times. Rigondeaux tries to jab, but Lomachenko comes back with effective counter punches, and Rigondeaux goes back to holding. After all of the holding he has committed, Rigondeaux has a point deducted. As they resume, Lomachenko never takes his foot off of the gas, and he lands a big left hand that wobbles Rigondeaux for a moment. Lomachenko follows up with hard body shots, and as Rigondeaux throws a jab, he gets clipped by one. The round ends with Lomachenko dominating.

Before the next round could even begin, the Referee waved off the fight because of something in Rigondeaux's corner, and it is revealed that Rigondeaux said he had a hand injury and couldn't continue. Therefore due to his forfeit from the fight, Vasyl Lomachenko wins again by way of TKO. He's made people quit on the stool before, and he even jokes about it in his post fight interview, saying that he should perhaps change his name to "No-MasChenko" Due to his tendency to make people quit, or want "no mas" ('No More' in spanish).

Result : Vasyl Lomachenko def. Guillermo Rigondeaux via R6 TKO.

In the Undercard

Michael Conlan def. Luis Fernando Molina via Unanimous Decision (60-54 x 3) (Featherweight)

Christopher Diaz def. Luis Fernando via R2 TKO (Super Featherweight)

Shakur Stevenson def. Oscar Mendoza via R2 TKO (Featherweight)


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