WBC benches Adalaide Byrd then orders Golovkin vs Alvarez rematch


Ever since the much anticipated match-up between Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez and Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, or as he is more well known, GGG, fans have had one thing on their mind. Corruption in boxing. Almost every fan that is familiar with the sport of boxing is certain the GGG won the fight. He landed more shots, pressed forward more, landed more combos, and while Alvarez landed more power shots, it just simply wasn't enough to stop Golovkin or slow him down at all. He did put up a good fight however and he showed he can hang with the best 160-lber in the world at the moment. It was the judges' scoring however, that ruined this fight. 

The fight was scored a draw, with Dave Moretti scoring the fight 115-113 Golovkin, Don Trella scoring it an 114-114 draw, and the most bizarre score, Adalaide Byrd with 118-110 Canelo. Immediately everyone was stunned and even Canelo admitted that he didn't feel like he won by that much. Most people accused Byrd of tampering with the fight by intentionally favoring Canelo due to some outside influence or incentive. She released a video of why she thought her score was accurate although that was met with criticism as well.

A few days after the fight Byrd met with the Nevada State Athletic Commission and according to the LA Times, Commission executive director Bob Bennett stated after Byrd's performance that "Byrd needed 'a break' and to 'take a breather'". An official insider also spoke anonymously about it to the LA times. "She's not being suspended, but she is being benched for a couple of months". This would explain her absence from UFC 216, as many officials said she would be, and could see her out of judging MMA and Boxing for at least the rest of 2017.

With that taken cared of, the WBC has decided to officially order a rematch between WBC, WBA, and IBF champion GGG and Canelo Alvarez. "It's the fight that the world wants to see," WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman said of the fight.

The ordered rematch is not a far fetch for either fighter, as management teams from both camps said that their fighters could be open to it. Although Canelo has had troubles with the WBC in the past stemming from them stripping him of his Middleweight title, this apparently wouldn't affect the making of the rematch. Eric Gomez, president of Golden Boy promotions, whom Canelo is a client of, had this to say to independent.co.uk.

"Regardless of if they did or didn't order the rematch, we are going to try to make it happen…We'll do whatever it takes to make it happen because it's the fight that the fans want, it's what the fighters want, and it's what the media wants."

It shows that although Canelo may have some apprehensions. He realizes this is THE fight for him at the moment. The fact that it was so close last time added with the messed up scorecard gives him another opportunity at GGG and his titles. This is also possibly the biggest fight for him financially, there aren't many other Middleweights around that can hang with Canelo and GGG.

"It doesn't get any better than the fight with Canelo. It really became an international sporting event, instead of a world boxing championship match," Gennady's promoter, Tom Leoffler said of the rematch to the UK publication. "Gennady still has all his titles. He's still the World Champion. And this is a fight that the fans want again, so we can have a more definitive ending to the next one. We'll do whatever we can on our side to make it happen," With this we basically have a confirmation that this fight can be made whenever needed and that both fighters are on board.

So the answer to the question of will we see Golovkin vs Canelo 2 is yes! But in terms of when, that is something that is still in the air. Some are suggesting May 5th as a good date, the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo. We will see soon enough when this fight will go down and just as all fight fans do, we can hope for a more definitive ending and an even better fight than last time.


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