Top 10 Most Excruciatingly Painful Submissions in MMA

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MMA is an awesome sport with a huge following, and it's a lot of fun to participate in, too. Regardless of your skill, however, it's likely that you'll end up on the receiving end of one of these top 10 excruciatingly painful submissions in MMA. Knowing what to look out for (or taking advantage of these techniques for your own benefits) will lead to more wins and less pain when you're in the ring. Let's take a look at the most brutal submissions mixed martial arts has to offer.  

Heel Hook

This submission is so painful that it's outright banned in a lot of competitions. That said, if it's legal, you had better be prepared to watch out for it. The heel hook involves a "figure four hold" of your opponent's leg, followed by a twist and some serious torque. This puts an incredible amount of pressure on the knee, and is a blown-out knee just waiting to happen.

Take a look at the video below for an idea of how the move works, whether to use it for your benefit or protect yourself from pain.


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