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    Angela Christu
    18 September 2017
    There are hundreds of different styles of martial arts. Some have been passed down through the ages, and others have more of a mixed style, combining a few different styles together. Some are the creation of new form altogether. There are no legislat...
    MAZ (Martial Art Zone)
    11 October 2016
    This month New Yorkers will have a rare opportunity to see the legacy of Brazilian slavery and resistance up close at the annual Batizado (or "baptism") celebration of the Afro-Brazilian martial art Capoeira (pronounced Capo-Wey-Da).Read the full art...
    14 July 2016
    High boot! European champion Nani shows off capoeira skills at his Valencia unveiling at the Mestalla | Daily Mail Online The 29-year-old winger performed the Braz...

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