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Tips & Tricks to Building a Home Dojo

You hit the gym, you attend martial arts classes, but that just isn't enough for your needs. You want to elevate your training and your dedication to your art form to the next level, and you decide that you'd like to add a dojo to your home. Or maybe...
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Best Supplements for Training and Recovery for Fighters

You are in the ring facing your opponent, and he is looking mighty fierce. Did you do everything in your power to prepare for this epic battle? Are you functioning at your personal best, and do you have what it takes to bring this person down? At pre...
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Managing Energy Before, During and After a High-Intensity Sport Competition

You've taken the plunge and committed to participating in a monumental sporting event, and next comes the hard part!You must train and prepare your body to operate at its optimal ability. What does that entail? A lot of dedication, that's for sure! Y...
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Capoeira: Much More Than Just a Kicking Dance

There are hundreds of different styles of martial arts. Some have been passed down through the ages, and others have more of a mixed style, combining a few different styles together. Some are the creation of new form altogether. There are no legislat...
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Martial Arts Over 50

As we age, exercise becomes even more important. Although the body may not be able to do what it once could at its prime, with maintenance and sustained care, the human body is capable of continuing to do amazing things, including martial arts. Remem...
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