Keto for MMA


Athletes need to eat differently than others. Their bodies have different requirements and a different set of rules to follow. They are constantly building muscle, depleting carbs and nutrients at high rates, and using all of their reserves of energy...
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5 Great Legal Performance Enhancers


You can have the healthiest lifestyle consisting of eating clean, organic and nutritious foods, getting sufficient sleep, and exercising for the right amount of time per week, but if you are involved in some high-level form of physical activity, your...
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Top Spices and Recipes to Boost Your Metabolism


Did you know that there are certain spices that you can add to your cooking to help give your body the jumpstart it needs get the blood flowing and those calories burning? With a little research and knowledge, you can boost your metabolism while incr...
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How to Maintain Muscle Tone as You Age


What do a 72-year-old grandmother, an 80-year-old man, and a 91-year-old retiree have in common? They can all still bench over 200 pounds each! That's way more than the average, youthful American! How did they maintain such muscle tone as they age? W...
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Supplements (The Good Kind) for Martial Artists


Martial Arts can be considered one of the most intense training regimens out of all the known sports. Yes, even more than football and soccer practices! You are building whole body strength, super endurance and constantly learning and practicing...
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