How to Maintain Your Fighting Weight

Any competitive sport you participate in you will most likely be separated into class weights. No, this is not discrimination! This is for the overall safety of everyone involved, and to make things more evenly matched and for a fairer competition. T...
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Best Martial Arts for Longevity

  " Life is long, if we know how to use it properly"   Longevity, by definition, is the great duration of an individual life. I believe the majority of people would agree longevity is a good and desirable thing. The key is, how to attain it...
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Capoeira: Much More Than Just a Kicking Dance

There are hundreds of different styles of martial arts. Some have been passed down through the ages, and others have more of a mixed style, combining a few different styles together. Some are the creation of new form altogether. There are no legislat...
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Martial Arts Over 50

As we age, exercise becomes even more important. Although the body may not be able to do what it once could at its prime, with maintenance and sustained care, the human body is capable of continuing to do amazing things, including martial arts. Remem...
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Family Life With a Professional Martial Artist

What's it like to live in a household with a martial artist? I feel I can give you a great perspective as I live with two, and I can tell you this much, there is an honest attempt for discipline and simplicity in all areas of life, which is often dif...
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