Glory 46 China


This event is trying to bring Asia into the World of Kickboxing. Many Glory fights happened in Europe and North America, and now the time has come for China to be the host of some of the most spectacular fighters in the world.

The event will take place in Guangzhou, China on October 14th. Few fights are already known, including glory fights and superfights, so tickets are expected to sell out quick. The tournament also aims to promote Chinese fighters – Qinghao Meng, Jia Liu, Wei Zhou, Chenchen Li, and Chenglong Zhang. There will be two main events that night, so we will primarily focus on these fights. 

Here is the promo video of the event.

Simon Marcus vs. Alex Pereira

In the main fight of the evening, Simon Marcus (Canada) will face Alex Pereira (Brazil) for the middleweight headline event.

Simon Marcus, also known as Simon Sor Suchart, is a Canadian Muay Thai kickboxer known to be a very tough opponent. He is 30 years old and 185 cm tall. He has the total score of 47-3-2, while in Glory fighting, his score is 6-2-1. He has only one knockout victory, which means he will be more than ready to go for the maximum number of rounds.

He holds an orthodox stance, and he has an impressive score of 26 knockouts in his career. He had a difficult early life, he has been expelled from school because of fighting at the age of 15. However, he turned to the sports and he was able to find something that inspires him to go on.

He is a very aggressive fighter who will fight until the last bell. His outstanding combos make up for his smaller stature than most of his opponents. His endurance is great and he has the heart of a lion. Despite getting knocked out in his first fight against Joe Schilling, Marcus got back quickly on his feet.

In spite of his limitations in kickboxing when it comes to clinching, Marcus has a world class knee to the body which can surprise any opponent. It can be his main advantage against Pereira. He has a very strong right cross. He is a master of fight obstruction – he easily recognizes when he should clinch up with the opponent and how he should stop his combination. He knows how to avoid kicks and how to create a clear attacking situation. His clinching punches are not good, but his right hook is excellent, although he rarely uses it.

On the other hand, Pereira is a tall fighter who likes to fight off distance. His score is 24-6-0; in Glory, it's 3-3 with 2 knockouts. He likes to go for straight punches and kicks. He is not the type of opponent who will go for a knockout. His fighting style is mostly focused on distance strikes, looking for the perfect opportunity for a clear strike. He knows to connect with a few boxing techniques, with a diagonal kick to the body, push kick, and a low kick. He is not an attractive fighter, but he is the type of opponent who goes down very rarely. Since he was a professional boxer, his hands are ultimate killing weapons.

Boxing – the advantage goes to Pereira

Kicking – slight advantage to Marcus

Clinching – advantage to Marcus

Movement – equal

Stamina – slight advantage to Marcus

Distance fighting – the advantage goes to Pereira

If the fight ensues earlier, the advantage would be to Pereira. But if the fight goes to the later rounds, Marcus should have an advantage. We can expect a very tough fight until the last bell! 

Rico Verhoeven vs. Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva

Is this fight for real? Silva (Brazil) is an MMA fighter who dominated based on his strength and weight. He was unable to defeat every opponent, but his main advantage is his strength. With the limitations of glory kickboxing and Verhoeven (Netherlands) as his opponent, he is hardly expected to survive the first 2 rounds.

Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva is a type of fighter who is not fast, but he is super strong. His MMA score is 19-12-1, with 14 knockout victories. He weighs 120 kg and 193 cm tall. If we look back to his fight versus Daniel Cormier, we will see that he is not the type of fighter who knows how to counter or punch quickly. He looks for one clear shot which will knock his opponent down. His kicks are strong but very slow. His right knee is brutally strong and this is the strike Verhoeven should be aware of.

Silva has very strong hooks, despite questionable speed. Since he is on a losing streak in UFC, there is a big question whether he will be able to peak his form for the match against Rico. He should really keep his hands up if he wants to have at least 10% of chance of defeating Rico. This is Silva's Glory debut… Could he pick a tougher opponent?

On the other hand, Verhoeven is an excellent kickboxer. He has only 14 knockouts in his whole career, but an impressive score of 51-10-0. His Glory score is 14-1-0, with 4 knockouts. He is 196 cm tall, 28 years old, and he weighs 116 kg. He has victories over some extremely known names of this sport, like Badr Hari, Mladen Brestovac, Anderson Silva, Benjamin Adegbuyi, Errol Zimmerman, Peter Aerts and Sergei Kharitonov. He is a very dangerous and unpredictable opponent – there is no chance you will be able to recognize his following strike. He is known worldwide as an extremely intelligent and tactical fighter who uses creativity and superb technique to defeat the toughest opponents. He is one of the rare kickboxers who use the brain in front of the maximum power.

His boxing is really good. He has a very strong jab and amazing right high kick. He uses his jab to the head and stomach very often to break the opponent's guard. He uses his left high kick to create distance. His knee to the thigh ca be a very painful strike. He has so many strikes under his belt. Take a look at his highlights reel – this is the reason why he is such as dangerous fighter.

Here are some predictions for some segments of the fight:

Boxing – huge advantage to Verhoeven

Kicking – huge advantage to Verhoeven

Clinching – Silva is an MMA fighter, so maybe equal

Movement – definitively Verhoeven

Stamina – Verhoeven won most of his fights on decision, so he could have a slight advantage here

Distance fighting – Verhoeven definitively – his boxing background is going to destroy Silva from the distance.

Verhoeven has reach advantage, which will lead to the conclusion that he can go on a distance fighting. He will probably look for a jab to create an opening for the attack. On the other hand, Silva's only chance could be a very strong hook which will break Verhoeven's guard or a combo of strong strikes. A knee to the body is his ultimate weapon too. If Verhoeven is able to survive the first round and move the way he knows, there are very small chances the fight will go to the third round. Silva doesn't have good low kicks or blocks, so Verhoeven could easily deliver a strong knee to his leg and end the fight. Rico has a lot bigger chances for victory, but the fight will show who is the better opponent! 

Chenglong Zhang vs. Quade Taranaki

This is a featherweight showdown between two Chinese competitors who recently signed for Glory. This is Taranaki's Glory debut, with a previous score of 5-4-0. On the other hand, Zhang is a master of Muay Thai and a very tough fighter. With the height of 177cm and the weight of 64.5 kg, he always goes for KO and gives the best he can. He is fully dedicated to his training sessions and he doesn't like to talk about his activity outside of training. He says his only choice in life is training and fighting. One thing is certain – Taranaki will have an extremely dedicated fighter as opponent. With the score of 39-5-0 and Glory score of 1-0, Zhang should have bigger chances of winning. He uses a southpaw stance which can be a nightmare for his opponent! He is very explosive, as well. Zhang is the type of fighter with fast combos, amazing attacks, and excellent defense… and he moves like a Siberian cat! He has the ability to knockout his opponent. Now, the question is, will this fight last for 3 rounds? 

Chenchen Li (CHN) vs. Masaya Kubo (JPN)

This is another featherweight showdown. Chenchen Li (China) is a great fighter with stunning knockout power. He has an outstanding score of 27-4-0, with one victory in Glory via knockout. He has a striking accuracy of 72.73%, which means he very rarely misses . If Kubo (Japan) is able to keep his guard well, he might protect himself from Li's attacks. On the other hand, Kubo has the score of 16-8, which means he will not be an easy rival to deal with. The fight is predicted to be an open one. Both fighters have equal chances of winning.  

Qinghao Meng (CHN) vs. Nate Richardson (USA)

This is the lightweight fight. It is predicted to be a war until the last bell. Both fighters usually win on decision… Who is going to win this war?

Nate Richardson (USA) is 170 cm tall, and he weighs 70 kg. He is born in Liberia and he had a really tough life at an early age. He is currently 27 years old. His stamina is outstanding, and he is an excellent clinch fighter. His score is 11-2, and he has one glory victory via decision. He has great boxing background with brutal knees. He is not the type of fighter who goes often for low kicks. When he slips, his counters are so brutal and fast. He likes to duck and attack with maximum aggression. He also exchanges levels with strikes very successfully. He claims his jab is his ultimate weapon. His kicks are not slow, but he doesn't kick very often.

Qinghao Meng (China) is a very tall fighter who likes to fight off the distance. With the score of 12-2 and one Glory victory via decision, there is a reason for his nickname "Sniper". He is a very precise fighter who will always seek for the opponent's error. He is 178cm tall and he goes on low kicks and boxing. He also likes to drop his hands and challenge his opponents. His kicks are solid, but he focuses more on his arms and counterpunches. He has very strong hooks and great combos. He uses front push kick a lot and sets up the opportunity for a strong strike from a distance.

Boxing – the advantage goes to Richardson

Kicking – slight advantage to Meng

Clinching – advantage to Richardson, but Meng has dangerous knees too

Movement – Meng likes to circle, while Richardson goes forward

Stamina – both fighters are equal

Distance fighting – the advantage goes to Meng

We can expect a very tough fight, but if Richardson is able to decrease the distance, he is going to win. Otherwise, he will not stand a chance versus Meng's long distance abilities. 

Zhou Wei (CHN) vs. Matt Baker (USA)

 This is the middleweight showdown. In this fight, Baker, who is 193 cm tall and weighs 85 kg, will face Wei. Baker is the type of fighter who likes to dominate and control the fight. He is not the typical fighter who goes forward, he knows to create tactics and think about the fight in every second. However, he has one Glory victory via decision, while Wei hasn't fought in Glory at all. Baker has a score of 20-5-0 in kickboxing. He says his heart brought him to the level he is on today. He is the type of fighter who is going to fight until the last bell, and he will never look at the score – he goes for the KO and he thinks all the time. Zhou Wei wasn't fighting much outside of China, but he is known for his toughness and endurance. He has a total score of 22-6.

This will be a good fight for sure!


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