UFC Fresno: Swanson vs. Ortega


Main Event: Five Round Featherweight Bout

Cub Swanson vs. Brian Ortega (Win)

In our main event of the evening, we have an extremely important Featherweight match up, which carries considerable implications for the future of the Featherweight division. Cub Swanson, a UFC and WEC veteran who's currently on a 4-fight winning streak and who was in the conversation recently as a potential Championship contender at 145 lbs. He's in the best form of his career, and now he puts it on the line against a very dangerous Brian Ortega. Ortega is currently undefeated at 12-0 and is looking to come into his own, win his 5th UFC fight, and place himself in the middle of title contention.

To begin the first round, both men feel each other out and test distance. They trade leg kicks here early, but Swanson unloads first with a combination that is mostly blocked by Ortega. With two minutes gone they exchange, as Ortega now comes with a combo on Swanson who blocks most of the shots but backs up. They now begin going back and forth with punches and low kicks, and they both have good defensive games. Swanson is landing his right hand over and over, but Ortega comes back with a hard combination of his own.

Swanson is able to go to the body of Ortega often as well. Swanson begins landing hard combinations, but then Ortega is able to grab a clinch. They wrestle for position a bit, and Ortega is able to get an over under and land some knees. He then, slyly, slides his arm into an anaconda position, and Cub was fully caught in the hold. He panics and can't do anything to escape. He holds out, and the buzzer sounds.

In the second round now, Ortega begins pressing forward on Swanson, but Swanson is still able to land his body shots and some low kicks. They begin going back and forth, and Ortega is sticking out the jab well. Swanson comes back with hard body shots in the form of straight rights still, and his combos keep Ortega at bay, slightly.

Swanson is able to land hard combinations still as Ortega walks in on Swanson. Ortega now presses forward hard, and presses Swanson against the fence in a clinch. Swanson takes a knee to the body, but returns with an uppercut. Ortega gets into the clinch, and as soon as he climbs a bit and gets ahold of Swanson's neck in a headlock. This is all it takes for Ortega, as he quickly latches onto a tight Guillotine choke, and then jumps guard and goes into a fully locked in guillotine.

Swanson tries to fight the hands, but Ortega is such a Jiu Jitsu master that he is able to let go with his opposite arm then re-route it back into the correct position, while he was hanging onto Cub. After this, Swanson was caught and there was nothing he could do. He tapped out, and Referee Mike Beltran stepped in to halt the action. Both fighters fall to the canvas as they relax their bodies and Ortega gets up and celebrates his now 13th Consecutive victory in Pro MMA, his 5th straight UFC win and finish, and he is definitely in the conversation for being not only a ranked Featherweight contender, but a Championship contender as well.

Brian Ortega def. Cub Swanson via R2 Submission. 

Main Card

Jason Knight vs Gabriel Benitez (Win)

Now in the co-main event of the evening, we have a Featherweight bout between explosive up and comer Jason Knight, and Gabriel Benitez.

In the first round, Knight comes forward first with a flurry of punches. Benitez lands a hard body kick, but Knight comes up with a hard combo that buckles Benitez briefly. Knight clinches, and as he goes for the takedown, Benitez grimaces and says something to the ref.

The referee stops the action and Knight apologizes to Benitez immediately. After a doctor takes a look, and Benitez says he is fine, the referee takes a point from Knight, and it is here we learn that Knight bit Benitez. As they resume, Knight goes back to the heavy hooks that he throws often, and Benitez continues to stay on the outside, throwing kicks and circling.

Again Knight closes the distance, and clinches, but when he goes for the takedown, Benitez lands on top. Benitez tries to work but Knight locks him up in rubber guard, and Benitez, after struggling, stands up and they reset. Now Benitez finds his range with a good four punch combo on Knight. Knight continues to move forward though, and he lands a one two as he does. Knight moves forward still, and after some exchanges he shoots on Benitez, who sprawls well and gets right up. The round ends as they exchange again.

In the second, they go back to the punch exchanges on the feet, and Knight lands a hard hook. Benitez comes back with a one two of his own, and its doing better at slipping the punches of Knight in this round. He then lands a good straight right followed by a head kick. After more exchanges, Knight times Benitez and takes him down powerfully. Benitez is able to work back to his feet well though, and after another takedown, Benitez lands on top. Knight tries to work the rubber guard once again, and Benitez works out of it once again. They go back to back and forth exchanges on the feet, and Knight begins working some body kicks.

Now as they exchange again, it is apparent that Knight accidentally eye-poked Benitez. After a pause for him to recover, they resume. Benitez comes out strong, lands some combos on Knight. He begins countering well. As Knight presses forward with combos of his own, he gets caught with more counter combinations from Benitez. Another counter from Benitez as Knight comes forward, and he gets a bit stunned this time, but he puts on a poker face. The round ends as they exchange.

Now in the third and final round, Knight attempts a body kick but Benitez catches it and counters. Benitez lands a hard body shot, and then follows it with a hard high kick. They continue to trade, and Knight's wide, swinging shots leave him open to the peppering, gradually more powerful shots of Benitez. Knight tries a wide swinging overhand and again, Benitez uses his footwork and counters.

As Knight shoots in for a takedown, Benitez sprawls and throws Knight to the side, almost as if with no effort. Now Benitez is beginning to pour it on Knight, landing counters to almost all of his punches, and Knight looks spent and in sheer survival mode. Benitez still looks fresh, moving around and masterfully slipping all of Knight's shots and landing one two's and slick kicks to both the body and head, putting on a masterful performance.

In the final moments of the round, Knight finds the takedown but Benitez reverses and finds thetop mount, dropping MASSIVE elbows down on knight. Knight then is able to threaten with a heel hook, but Benitez defends for the final ten seconds and wags his finger as the buzzer sounds, sealing his dominant performance.

Gabriel Benitez def. Jason Knight via Unanimous Decision.

Aljamain Sterling vs. Marlon Moraes (Win)

Next up, we have a very interesting matchup in the final Bantamweight contest of the evening. Former WSOF Champion and UFC newcomer Marlon Moraes seeks to get his second straight win in the octagon after losing his debut. His opponent, UFC Bantamweight contender Aljamain Sterling looks to get his 3rd straight victory and 7th overall in the UFC. Both men need this victory, as this fight will determine who is ready for the higher levels of competition the UFC has to offer at 135 lbs.

In the first round, Marlon catches a body kick from Sterling and trips him. Moraes stays standing though, and Sterling continues to shoot his jab. Suddenly, Moraes connects with a shot that drops Sterling, and Moraes follows up with huge ground and pound. Sterling recovers though, and is able to throw up a triangle attempt and holds onto the arm of Moraes briefly.

Moraes is able to posture out of it, and get upand away from Sterling, back to his feet. Sterling gets up and the referee steps in to allow him to do so. As he calls time in, Sterling changes levels for a takedown. As he does this, Marlon throws up a switch kick, but his bent knee shooting up meets Sterling's chin with brutal force, and Sterling falls over in quasi-slow motion, stiff and as unconscious as you can get. Moraes waved his arms as if he was motioning to finish the fight as he walked away, and there was no question that this fight was finished.

Marlon Moraes def. Aljamain Sterling via R1 KO.

Scott Holtzman (Win) vs Darrell Horcher

Now in the Lightweight division, we have Scott Holzman going up Darrell Horcher in this fight of UFC contenders.

In the first round, Holtzman lands a hard left hook early. Holtzman closes the distance and now grabs onto a single leg but cant complete the takedown. Now he has Horcher against the fence, but now Horcher reverses and is able to land some knees in the clinch. They take turns trading positions, and then Holtzman finally is able to secure the trip and land inside of Horcher's guard. Holtzman stands up and lands a pair of hard right hands on the jaw of Horcher. Horcher defends, but Holtzman is doing a good job applying pressure on top and staying in half guard.

They continue to jockey for position, and Holtzman is able to land a bunch of right hands to the face of Horcher. Holtzman lands a hard knee but Horcher is able to reverse it and land a takedown. They stand and reset, and as Holtzman goes for a flying knee, Horcher is able to take advantage and land a takedown. He goes to work inside of Holtzman's guard, and after some working, Holtzman gets back to his feet and they struggle for a moment, and they trade punches as the round ends.

In the second round, Holtzman comes out strong, but it is Horcher who finds his hard left hand a few times and it backs up Holtzman. Holtzman shakes his head as if to say it didnt affect him, and he continues to work in the feet until he shoots in with Horcher's back against the fence and he lands the double leg takedown. Holtzman lands more right hands on top of Horcher in half guard, and he continues to grind him into the fence. Horcher is able to find his way back to his feet but Holtzman has him pressed against it well, and then he finds the trip on Horcher, landing in his half guard once again. After working in his half guard for a while, Referee Mike Beltran stands them up. Holtzman wastes no time in clinching against the fence once again and taking down Horcher, once again. He is more active with ground and pound this time around, and he is able to finish the round on top inside of Horcher's guard landing hard strikes.

In the third and final round, Holtzman comes out landing first with a hard body kick. Holtzman lands a hard right but once again, Holtzman grabs the clinch and gets Horcher agianst the fence. Horcher fights harder to defend the takedown this time, they separate as Holtzman lands a hard elbow, and Horcher lands a hard left hand of his own. Holtzman backs up, but then closes the distance once again, grabbing the clinch and looking for the takedowns. He has Horcher against the fence, and lands a nice elbow as he changes levels for the shot. He is able to drag Horcher to the ground, and now Holtzman is working to the mount against the cage.

Then, Referee Mike Beltran stands them up, in a strangely impatient moment. Horcher is able to land a hard left hand flush against Holtzman, but Holtzman eats it and shoots again for the takedown, grabbing the single leg and taking down Horcher for the final time. He is able to work into half guard and he finishes the fight pounding at Horcher, who works back to his feet against the cage. The buzzer sounds as they stand up.

Scott Holtzman def. Darrell Horcher via Unanimous Decision.

Eryk Anders (Win) vs Markus Perez

Now in the Middleweight division, we have two fighters who come into the fight undefeated, and someone's '0' has got to go. Former University of Alabama Linebacker and 9-0 UFC newcomer Erik Anders takes on 9-0 Markus Perez, who makes his UFC debut. In the first round, Perez opens with a blocked high kick. Anders looks for some punches, but then he closes the distance and clinches with Perez. He looks for the high crotch single, but can't finish it as Perez defends. They're back against the fence now, and they separate as Anders throws a flurry.

As Perez tries more kicks, Anders clips Perez with a hard punch and again clinches him against the fence. Now Perez reverses and gets Anders against the fence, with Anders defending the takedown. Perez is able to lift and slam Anders to the ground however, and he is working in half guard. Anders tries to posture and Perez goes for an unorthodox anaconda type choke. Anders escapes and gets to his feet where he throws heavy punches that miss.

They trade for a bit, chasing each other around, but Anders is then able to land some hard short punches and once again clinches, looking for short punches to clip Perez once again. Perez is able to defend well and they separate again, as Perez looks for strikes Anders once again lands on him, and as Perez backs up Anders chases heavily, and Perez is able to grab a clinch and land a throw right before the end of the round.

To start out the second, Anders throws more heavy shorts that barely miss, Perez avoids them and tries a very unorthodox somersault kick, missing, but egging on the crowd as he rises. They go back to trading, and in a flurry, Anders lands a hard uppercut. Perez is toughing it out though, and he's able to land some hard body kicks to Anders. Anders times him on one though, and lands a straight left that drops Perez briefly. He pops up and Anders stays patient, trying to measure his strikes and not punch himself out.

Anders lands some combos but Perez isn't done, even landing a clipping spinning elbow. Anders is starting to find home on some of his power punches though, and Anders finds hard combinations on the retreating Perez, and as Perez tries to land a kick Anders continues to press forward and gets Perez on the ground with heavy punches after wrestling him against the cage. Now, Anders begins dropping hard punches on Perez, controlling from on top and bombing him with heavy strikes. The referee asks Perez to keep working and moving, or else he will stop it. Perez demonstrate's hes ok, and is able to survive until the buzzer.

In the final round, Perez throws a heavy overhand to start out, but Anders lands a one two that buckles Perez, and Anders tackles him down to the ground. Perez is able to try to fight to his feet, but Anders is fighting back and landing hard knees to the body of the downed Perez. Perez finally pops up, but Anders pours on more punches and a couple of heavy knees that rock Perez, but Perez grabs onto a guillotine from the standing position and Anders slams him, freeing his neck.

Anders now works from half guard, trying to posture up on Perez. Perez is holding onto the head of Anders to defend, but Anders pops out and is now looking to punishPerez from on top. He works from the half guard and hammer fists Perez multiple times, and continues to pour on short ground and pound shots late in the third. Anders stands briefly, and thinks about standing with Perez, but he eventually lands back in the guard of Perez, and finishes the fight on top.

Eric Anders def. Markus Perez via Unanimous Decision. 

Benito Lopez (Win) vs Albert Morales

In our first fight of the main card, we have another Bantamweight contest, between Albert Morales, who seeks to get back on the winning track in the UFC, as he takes on newcomer Benito Lopez, who makes his UFC tonight after a win on Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series. In the first round, Lopez comes out early landing a few punches and a hard high kick, fireworks early.

Morales doesn't give up and as he lands a couple of his own he clinches and looks for the back in a standing rear waist lock.. They separate, and Morales lands a hard right that sits down Lopez. Lopez explodes back up and lands a flurry and then a fade-away flying knee that drops Morales. Morales gets up but Lopez then jumps and lands a massive flying knee that drops Morales again. Lopez jumps on top and looks for a mounted guillotine but after some struggling, Morales gets out and throws bombs on Lopez.

Morales continues to work and is able to land a flurry that causes Lopez to lose his footing and fall, Morales jumps on top and now after a scramble, they clinch against the fence. Morales is able to get to the standing rear waist lock, and he jumps on the back of Lopez now trying to wear him down and look for a choke. Morales throws right hands steadily from here as Lopez is working to get Morales off of his back. Morales stays here and throws a few more right hands until the round expires, to the disapproving boos of the crowd.

Now in the second round, both men are working jabs. Lopez misses a kick, and lands a body punch. They exchange punches and kicks, looking for the range. Lopez lands a massive body kick that Morales acknowledges. After more exchanges, Lopez lands a hard spinning back kick, then a head kick that wobbles Morales.

Lopez follows but doesn't pounce, as Morales is still fighting back, as he has recovered. Morales now presses forward with some blocked combinations, Lopez stays patient. They continue to exchange strikes now, neither of them doing considerable damage to each other. Lopez misses a spinning kick, and Morales is able to find a home for another combination. More exchanges of punches and kicks, and the round ends with them trading strikes still.

In the third and final round, Lopez comes out throwing more kicks. He is able to land a hard body kick. Morales begins landing some low kicks and a couple of punches, Lopez is still sticking the jab and looking for kicks. he finds a hard high kick and can't follow up with upper cuts on the now cut Morales. They reset, and Morales continues to stick out the jab. Lopez answers with some body punches,and a jab of his own. They continue to trade punches and kicks here in the 3rd, not much damage being down now in the final stages of the fight. They trade low kicks and Lopez tries a few more flying kicks, but the pace has slowed down significantly here after the dramatics going on in the first round. The fight goes to the final buzzer, and both men embrace in a show of respect.

Benito Lopez def. Albert Morales via Unanimous Decision. 

Preliminary Card

Liz Carmouche vs Alexis Davis (Win)

In our featured preliminary fight and first and only Women's Flyweight bout of the evening, two former Women's Bantamweight contenders face off for the first time in the new Women's Flyweight division. UFC Veterans Liz Carmouche and Alexis Davis square off to make their case for a Flyweight title run.

In the first round, Carmouche lands a few hard punches early. Davis closes the distance, and clinches with Carmouche against the cage. Carmouche does her best to strike with her back against the wall. Davis is working hard to change levels or grab for legs to search for the takedown, but Davis is doing a great job of defending and they are at a stalemate.

Referee Frank Trigg separates them after a while, and after some exchanges and a clinch, Carmouche lands a trip and falls into side control on top of Davis. Davis goes to all fours as Carmouche has a headlock position and is dropping down some strikes from the side. Davis is able to stand up, but then Carmouche changes levels and is looking for the takedown against the cage. She finds it, and now is working inside Davis' guard. As Carmouche works some ground and pound, Davis works her legs and hips and is able to isolate the arm. As Davis locks onto the arm and begins to extend, Carmouche stacks her up from on top and is able to withstand the final 20 seconds to the buzzer.

To begin the second round, Davis presses forward and Carmouche throws a hard body kick. Davis eats it but catches it, and is able to trip Carmouche to the ground. Davis follows and falls into the guard of Carmouche. Davis works some punches to the body and Carmouche is trying to strike a bit from below, while staying in guard. Davis is now able to pass into half guard with half of the round gone.

Davis is now on top in half guard working punches, and after a scramble, Davis falls back down into the guard of Carmouche. Carmouche tries to work some hip escapes or sweeps, but can't find much as Davis continues to control on top, working hard punches to try and stay as active as she can to keep the position. Referee Trigg doesn't see enough, so they stand. Carmouche lands a couple of hard right hands as they stand, but Davis closes the distance with some leg kicks and once again clinches with Carmouche against the cage. Carmouche reverses position however, and is able to secure the late takedown with ten seconds left, and finishes the round on top in side control, dropping punches.

In the third and final round, they trade leg kicks and Carmouche lands a hard right hook. She continues to find the right hand against Davis, who is developing swelling over her left eye because of the right hand shots. Then, Davis lands another one of the huge right hands, and it staggers Davis, Carmouche follows up with a huge flurry of hooks now, and then as Davis backs up, Carmouche shoots for a takedown.

She gets Davis down, but Davis immediately goes to the headlock and guard control to slow down Carmouche. Carmouche has trouble advancing position, and Davis attempts another Arm bar. Carmouche is able to slam Davis head first to escape the hold, but then she goes right back into the guard of Davis, then is able to briefly pass into side control. Carmouche is able to throw down some hard punches and Davis re establishes her guard. Carmouche continues to throw hard punches from inside the guard, and Davis tries her best to defend with a hematoma developing above her eye. Davis is able to sweep in the final seconds, and both women just throw punches wildly at each other on the ground as the final buzzer sounds.

Alexis Davis def. Liz Carmouche via Split Decision.

Luke Sanders vs Andre Soukhamthath (Win)

Now in another Bantamweight contest, Andre Soukhamthath seeks to get his first win in the UFC after some disappointing losses, while Luke Sanders seeks to make waves of his own in the deep 135 division. To begin, both fighters start tentatively, and Soukhamthath misses a low kick. Sanders returns with a hard left hand to the body. Sanders then presses forward with a heavy combination that Soukhamthath mostly blocks. Soukhamthath now connects with a slick counter left hand on Sanders. They exchange, and Sanders now lands some hard hooks. Sanders trips as Soukhamthath catches him off guard with a jumping attack, but they reset. Sanders now lands a heavy left body kick.

Soukhamthath misses some combination as Sanders is able to keep his distance well and close it as he strikes. Sanders lands another heavy punch combo that backs up Soukhamthath and they clinch against the fence with Sanders in dominant position. Sanders tries a trip, but can't find it as Soukhamthath continues to defend with his back against the cage. Sanders lands another short elbow in the clinch, and he finishes the round with Soukhamthath against the wall.

To start out the second round, Sanders presses forward with strikes heavily, but Soukhamthath is able to land some hard counters. They exchange punches more heavily in the beginning of this round. In an exchange, Soukhamthath is able to duck Sanders' punches and land a blistering right hook that jacks the jaw of Sanders and drops him to the canvas hard. Soukhamthath jumps on him, and lands some more heavy punches on the downed Sanders. He lands one last hard shot and Sanders appears to begin going out, and it is then that Referee Josh Rosenthal steps in and stops the fight. Andre Soukhamthath gets the big win.

Andre Soukhamthath def. Luke Sanders via R2 TKO. 

Alex Perez (Win) vs Carls John de Tomas

Now we have a matchup between two young Bantamweight prospects, American Alex Perez takes on Filipino fighter Carls John de Tomas.

In the first round, Perez lands first with some leg kicks, but de Tomas comes back with hard punches. Perez goes from an overhand into a takedown attempt, but de Tomas shrugs him off. Perez tries to close the distance with some punches but de Tomas is able to land hard counter strikes to sop Perez in his tracks. de Tomas now lands a hard left hand. Perez clinches and as de Tomas drops for the takedown, Perez finds a headlock, and threatens de Tomas with an Anaconda choke.

de Tomas is able to defend well, but Perez stays in the headlock position looking for a guillotine briefly. With a minute and a half left de Tomas tries a takedown but Perez scrambles and gets back to the sprawl, looking back at the headlock and now trying to go back to the D'arce positioning. de Tomas is able to get to his feet, and has Perez against the fence. Now de Tomas is looking for the double leg, but Perez is landing some nice vertical elbows that force de Tomas to shift, and Perez lands the trip and finishes the round on top.

To start out the second, Perez lands a hard body kick, then shoots the single leg and finds the takedown. Perez passes to side control, and as he looks for the key lock, he drops a hard elbow down on de Tomas. de Tomas rolls to his back, and Perez has wrist control in the wrestling ride, and he is dropping down punches from the side of de Tomas. A knee to the body now from Perez. He continues to drop down heavy punches on de Tomas, who's on all fours. As he drops a couple more hard strikes, he turns and loops the arm under the neck of de Tomas and wraps up a tight D'Arce choke.He gets to the proper positioning and as de Tomas tries to defend, he finds that it's too late and he's caught. He taps out.

Alex Perez def. Carls John de Tomas via R2 Submission. 

Frankie Saenz vs Merab Dvalishvili

In our first fight of the prelims, UFC vet Frankie Saenz is looking to get a W after a losing streak, as he goes up against Merab Dvalishvili, who makes his UFC debut.

This fight takes place in the Bantamweight division. In the first round, Dvalishvili looks forthe spinning kick early, but Saenz is able to grab a clinch early on. Dvalishvili reverses and gets Saenz against the fence, landing some hard knees and punches as he keeps his opponent against the cage. Saenz turns it around now and lands hard strikes of his own including some hard knees. But Dvalishvili is able to look for the takedown landing it briefly. They scramble, and once back to their feet, they're back clinching as Dvalishvili has Saenz back against the fence, looking for a takedown. He gets Saenz down briefly but he gets up, and eventually, the separate.

Dvalishvili presses forward, landing a hard right hand, as Saenz tries to press back with some punches of his own. Once again, Dvalishvili goes to the clinch, and after some defense from Saenz, he's able to get him down. Dvalishvili lands some strikes, but Saenz is holding up against the fence, trying to defend. They separate again, and as Dvalishvili attempts a kick and misses, Saenz comes back with some overhand rights. He follows up with a leg kick, but Dvalishvili times him well and takes him down. Saenz once again works towards the fence and finds his way back to his feet, but Dvalishvili keeps his shoulder into Saenz's chest and finishes the round in control.

In the second, Dvalishvili is able to find another takedown early in an exchange of strikes, but Saenz once again works to his feet against the fence and they separate. Dvalishvili tries to throw a few kicks but misses, and Saenz tries some punches of his own. Dvalishvili grabs the clinch and then presses Saenz against the fence once again. They jockey for position, and Dvalishvili changes levels for a takedown.

He lands the double leg, but Saenz again gets to his feet and against the cage. Dvalishvili keeping control, but Saenz lands an elbow and they separate. They exchange punches, and Saenz finds a right hand. Saenz shoots a hight hand, but is taken down by Dvalishvili who times him well. Saenz again works back to his feet, and they reset, exchanging punches in the center of the octagon. Saenz stays calm, and works his way towards the cage. Referee Frank Trigg stands them up after some inactivity, and after Saenz shoots a takedown, Dvalishvili stuffs it. He lands a hard body kicks and a swift right hand. Dvalishvili landing a couple of straight punches, and Saenz looks tired and is throwing heavier on his strikes. Dvalishvili gets Saenz against the fence and is able to secure one last takedown as the round expires.

Now in the third round, they go back and forth with punches to open up once again, but Dvalishvili clinches and is able to get the takedown once again. Saenz works hard, but as he gets up, Dvalishvili is able to keep pressure on and drag him down once more. Again this sequence occurs, and now Saenz is able to stay up for a bit longer. They separate as Dvalishvili lands a hard right hand. Saenz comes back with a hard body punch followed by a straight right. Dvalishvili tries a spinning backfist and misses, and Saenz lands a good combination.

He backs up Dvalishvili and tries to land more, but Dvalishvili clinches Saenz and once again drags him down. Saenz once again posts his arm out and stands up against the cage. Saenz works hard and lands an elbow as they separate once more. Saenz grabs the clinch now and lands some knees, then Dvalishvili shoots. Saenz sprawls again, and Dvalishvilistays with the takedown attempts and is able to get Saenz down a couple of more times. They fight in the clinch for position in this way for the remainder of the round, and towards the end, Saenz finds some hard shots. Despite his numerous takedowns, they weren't enough to win Dvalishvili the fight.

Frankie Saenz def. Merab Dvalishvili via Split Decision. 

Early Prelims

Iuri Alcantara vs Alejandro Perez

In our first Bantamweight bout of the evening, UFC veteran Iuri Alcantara is looking to get back on the winning track against fellow UFC contender, Mexican Alejandro Perez. In the opening round, the action starts slow as both men come out tentatively. Perez strikes first, landing on the glove of Alcantara as they test the range. Later on, they both explode at the same time and land hard shots on each other, but they both eat the shots and continue to fight tentatively. Alcantara is able to find a few low kicks as the round goes on, but still the slow pace of the fight goes on as both men fight forward and backward, moving in response to each other. In the final moments of the round, Alcantara lands a hard left body kick, but Perez comes back with a hard spinning back fist. Alcantara launches a flurry that ends as the round does.

In the second round, the action starts a bit faster and Alcantara comes out with a front kick. Perez catches it and is able to trip Alcantara to the ground. He wisely stays out of Alcantara's guard and asks for him to stand. As Alcantara does, Perez lands a hard leg kick and dodges a spinning attack from Alcantara. After more stagnation, the crowd begins to grow restless. Perez now comes forward with a right hand to the head then a body shot. Alcantara comes back with a hard straight left hand though, and this slows down the attack of Perez. Perez catches a kick, but as he pushes Alcantara against the fence Alcantara breaks free, and he then counters a low kick with another hard straight left that sends Perez moving backwards again. Alcantara rushes forward but gets hit with a counter from Perez, and as he looks for the late takedown, Perez is able to defend it as the round ends.

Now in the final round, the stagnant and hesitant fighting resumes for more than a minute before Perez lunges forward and lands a grazing left hand. Alcantara works a few leg kicks but is wary of the punch attacks from Perez. More cautiousness, before Perez lands another hard body kick and tries a monstrous overhand that Alcantara slips. Alcantara comes back with some hard right hands of his own, and then looks for the takedown, working a single leg. Perez stuffs it, then looks for a single leg of his own. Alcantara defends it well, so they battle for position on the fence. In the final minute, Alcantara throws another kick and again, it is caught by Perez, who trips him to the floor once more. Alcantara pops back up, and presses forward on Perez as the fight comes close to ending. Perez lands a hard straight right hand counter that drops Alcantara momentarily, but he again rises and manages to take down Perez, right before the buzzer sounds.

Alejandro Perez def. Iuri Alcantara via Unanimous Decision

Chris Gruetzmacher vs Davi Ramos

Next up, Chris Gruetzmacher, who's looking to get back in the Win column, takes on UFC newcomer Davi Ramos, in the 155 lb division. To begin the fight, Gruetzmacher lands first with a good right hand behind a double jab, but Ramos comes back with a knee to the body. Ramos shoots for the takedown, but Gruetzmacher stuffs it and they reset. Ramos now presses the action and lands a hard right hand, then a one two. As Ramos shoots for another takedown, he loses his footing from a leg kick, and Gruetzmacher follows up with a couple of hammerfists. They stand and reset once more, and now, Gruetzmacher begins landing some chopping leg kicks. Ramos is able to take them and then land a knee. As Gruetzmacher goes back to the leg kick, Ramos catches it and is able to find the takedown. Ramos tries to pass guard, and then looks for the arm triangle. Gruetzmacher is able to fight out of it, and the round ends with Ramos on top, landing some body punches. In the second round, they exchange hard shots early once again, but now Ramos lands more, and is backing up Gruetzmacher. As Gruetzmacher tries to come back with a body kick, Ramos catches it again and converts it to another takedown. Gruetzmacher wraps up Ramos in his guard, and Referee Lawley calls for them to stand. Gruetzmacher presses forward, and now lands a swift combination that stings Ramos, but the Brazilian keeps his composure and is able to find the takedown on a very telegraphed shot. Gruetzmacher is able to scramble out and they once more reset on the feet.

Now Gruetzmacher resumes his striking attack, landing some low kicks, and backing up Ramos. Ramos doesn't give up and lands a hard left hand of his own that stops Gruetzmacher for a moment. Gruetzmacher goes for a knee and Ramos takes him down one final time, and they end the round on the ground. In the third and final round, Ramos clinches early and gets to the bodylock position then he has the standing rear waist lock.. He takes Gruetzmacher down with ease, and immediately takes the back from here. As they roll, Ramos quickly wraps his arms around and sinches in the rear naked choke tightly. Gruetzmacher doesn't even have time to attack as he goes belly up with Ramos strangling him on his back. He tries to fight the hands in desperation, but he taps out immediately when Ramos puts more pressure on the hold.

Davi Ramos def. Chris Gruetzmacher via R3 Submission.

Trevin Giles (Win) vs Antonio Braga Neto

In our first fight of the evening, we have undefeated UFC newcomer Trevin Giles squaring off against Brazilian Newcomer Antonio Braga Neto, in the Middleweight division. In the first round, Giles strikes first with a hard one two combo. Neto tries to clinch up but Giles avoids it and is able to land more hands to the face of Neto, landing a double jab that backs up the Brazilian. Giles continues this pressure, landing a hard low kick and then mixing up his punches to the head and body. After some time, during which Giles landed more, Neto found a bodylock clinch. He follows through with the takedown, and then works into the half guard of Giles. He tries to isolate the arm briefly, but Giles fights out of it. Neto is heavy on top and still pressures Giles. They are against the fence, and this position is preventing Neto from passing into mount. After some hard right hands from Neto, he goes for the arm triangle. He loses it, but then finds the mount, which Giles escapes from, back to half guard.The round ends with Neto on top.

In the second round, Giles gets right back to his precision stand-up game with jabs. Giles lands another hard right hand to the face of Neto, but as he goes to the body with a left, Neto comes back with a hard right of his own. They reset, and now Giles lands a hard right hand following a one two, and it sends Neto backpedaling. Giles lands another hard right hand, then a short left that lands flush on Neto. For the remainder of the round, Giles is able to shoot his jab and land hard low kicks.

In the third round, Neto looks for the takedown early, and is able to get Giles down briefly. Giles is able to escape out the back door as Neto goes for his back. Giles wants Neto to stand and he does, and Giles goes back to work with his jab. Then, a hard one two lands from Giles, and Neto looks wobbly. Giles pours on the punches, landing devastating shots, and as Neto begins to succumb to it, he lands one last right hand that sends Neto down, and Referee Frank Trigg steps in to stop the fight.

Trevin Giles Def. Antonio Braga Neto via R3 TKO.


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