Jonathan Ramirez
18 September 2017
Many MMA fans, martial artists, and regular every day people are familiar with the more traditional and widespread martial arts that have become the mainstream. Striking arts like karate, taekwondo, boxing, and muay thai; grappling arts like judo,...
Zach Riley
03 September 2017
The vast majority of martial arts are self-defense oriented and, by nature, competitive. In addition to being able to protect oneself, people take up martial arts for the cutthroat competition that comes with improving at your sport and besting other...
Barry Drennan
19 October 2016
In Part One From Treachery to Triumph, A Story of Imi Lichtenfeld, we explored the development of the man who was Imi Lichtenfeld. What drove him, gave his life's direction, carved out the essence that in its existence made him who he was. Here in Pa...
Barry Drennan
04 October 2016
If Budapest ever had a "golden age", then unknown to her she was a city breathing in its last few moments. In 1910 despite her Jewish ghettos, Budapest had reached her zenith. She was at her seminal moment in history. But in just four short years, ev...
Barry Drennan
07 September 2016
One needs only to scratch the surface of human conflict to engage the scientific mind; so great are the depths and diversities found within it. No later than the moment combative arts rose from the primordial ooze, its existence as an identifiable st...

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