GLORY 46 Results


Over the weekend, GLORY kickboxing had their first event in China, an event hosting a card called the 'Superfight Series' as well as the main card GLORY 46 fights. We'll briefly cover all of these fights and their results.

Glory 46 superfight series

Scroth (win) vs. Meng

To begin the night we have a lightweight bout where German kickboxer Pascal Schroth went up against Chinese kickboxer Qinghao Meng. The first round consisted of aggressive combinations by Meng, he fought forward well and forced Schroth to tie him up a few times in the clinch, prompting referee breaks. Schroth is able to use his knees to counter Meng coming in towards the end of the round. He finds some momentum and lands a few combos to Meng to close the round. 

In the 2nd Meng comes out striking aggressively again, but Schroth is landing more of his own punches and kicks and continues to walk down Meng as he did in the ending moments of round 1. After some clinch tie ups Meng tries to throw more punches but Schroth times him well and lands a good right hand. After more clinch breaks Meng throws more punches and backs up Schroth a bit. Schroth then is able to land a good counter left and a high kick to follow it. He has landed his front leg kick to Meng's body repeatedly. 

In the 3rd, both men start to throw back and forth flurries that land. Schroth lands good knees and body kicks to the advancing Meng but Meng himself is able to find some right hands that land. He follows this with some good counters against Schroth. Schroth is able to land more knees and body kicks continuously and now both men trade punches that are landing well. Meng attempts a backfist but misses, and continues to throw aggressive strikes towards Schroth while Schroth lands strikes that sneak through and catch Meng conistently. The fight ends, and Pascal Schroth gets the Split Decision win in his GLORY debut.

Kiatookao (win) vs. Xie

In the next fight, we have a Featherweight bout between Thai Army soldier and kickboxer Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao going up against Sanda champion Lei Xie. Both men trade kicks to begin the fight. More kicks and then a break is called by the referee as a camera cable is in the ring. After it is removed the fight resumes and Kiatmookao lands a loud leg kick. Exchange of punches then a clinch break. Kiatmookao lands some body kicks and then a good head kick to cap off the combo. Xie presses forward in a clinch and Kiatmookao lands some good knees before the break. More kick exchanges and Xie causes Kiatmookao to fall due to a well timed teep, but no knockdown is scored. Kiatmookao continues to demonstrate good body kicks. Close round. 

In the 2nd both men come out aggressive and Xie lands a couple of great strikes early. Kiatmookao closes the distance fast though and this causes a few clinch breaks. Both men exchange punches and kicks, Xie throwing more hand combos while Kiatmookao stays with his dominant kicks. During another clinch up Kiatmookao lands a good combo of kicks and punches that backs up Xie and forces the break naturally. More clinches and breaks but Kiatmookao is continuing to land the harder strikes. A missed kick and a toss of Xie by Kiatmookao after a clinch ends the 2nd round. 

In the 3rd, both men come out throwing, but Kiatmookao lands the more precise shots and blocks the punches of Xie. Petchpanomrung lands more body kicks and knees inside. Xie is noticeably more tired and when they clinch Kiatmookao lands more strikes and while they are at range he continues to land his excellent body kicks. Kiatmookao is landing more punches this round as well. It has bloodied the nose of Xie. In the last moments of the fight Xie lands a good flurry but Kiatmookao counters with his own and lands the last punch of the fight. Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao gets the Unanimous Decision victory.

Jia vs. Aree (NC)

In our 3rd fight of the night we have a women's bantamweight bout between Chinese kickboxer Liu Jia and Muay Thai boxer Zaza Sor Aree. In the first round, both women start the fight very aggressively trading punches and kicks. Jia lands the greater amount of strikes but Zaza shows off great Thai kicking techniques while Liu is inside the pocket punching. After a clinch break Zaza finds her momentum and lands a good striking combo followed by a good high kick. She lands more and more as the round goes on but Liu is holding her own with good punches and good use of the lead hook kick to the body. More back and forth punch exchanges and both women are landing flush strikes at points, but as the round comes to an end Liu lands a pair of good straight punches that knock back Zaza's head.

As the round begins Zaza comes out more aggressively and lands good kicks on Liu but Jia comes back with a couple of kicks of her own to re-distance herself. Zaza comes forward constantly but now Liu begins to catch her with punches. She times the kicks of Zaza and tags her with a couple of good straight counters. After some more exchanges from both women the referee stops the fight after a cut opens on the top right of Liu's forehead. After she receives medical attention, the replays show an accidental elbow from Zaza that grazes Liu on the head, creating the cut. After much deliberation the officials decided to stop the fight and rule it a NC due to the accidental foul. Neither fighter receives a loss but will have received a no-contest.

Kong (win) vs. Sun

In the next fight we have a catchweight (60 kg) Sanda bout. The difference in rules is that fighters can score points with foot sweeps, trips or in the clinch, and knee strikes are not allowed as they are in regular Glory rules. This bout was placed under Sanda rules as tribute to China as it is part of China's national sporting system with Universities even offering scholarships. This bout is between Hongxing Kong and Yang Sun

To begin the match, both men are cautious and trade leg kicks. Kong times Sun immediately and as he throws a leg kick Kong throws a great high kick that went from low to high and caught Sun right on the temple. He drops to the canvas and it is clear he was not getting up. The referee stops the fight after the count of 7 and Hongxing Kong gets the KO win in the first round.

Gao vs. Scheinson (win)

In the next bout we have a welterweight match-up between Shanghai Gao and Alan Scheinson. Both men come out aggressive but cautious and they trade low kicks and punches. It is clear early that Alan is the more accurate striker, landing the more precise punches that also do considerable damage. Gao however is doing good with his outside counter striking and this is causing Alan to come forward and pressure to control the center of the ring, not allowing Gao to hit him with his skilled ranged kicks. Gao responds well to this and maintains good punches and leg kicks. He trips Alan to the crowd's pleasure but it isn't legally beneficial to him in this non-Sanda kickboxing fight. Gao lands a well timed left that wobbles Alan on his way in, but this doesn't faze him much and he continues forward pressure as the round ends.

In the second both men come out strong and land combos but end up in a clinch, and they don't break clean. The referee warns both of them and the fight resumes. Gao finds more momentum with a flurry that lands most punches and good kicks. Alan begins to use better defense though, and his forward pressure is paying off as he begins to land some good straights and leg kicks. The round goes on and now both men are starting to equalize and find good combinations, but both are a bit more tentative. After some clinch breaks, the round ends. 

Round three sees both men go out aggressively and they match each other's tempo, punches and kicks being thrown half-precisely but effectively, Gao seems to be the more active fighter during these flurries and Alan waits back a bit. After a timeout by the referee to tend to a cut that appeared on Alan's head, the fight resumes. Scheinson begins to land more counter punches well and is gaining momentum, but Gao takes him down, having to be reminded this isn't a Sanda match. Alan begins landing combinations with his punches and finishes them with low kicks, and does so better each time he goes to it. He comes in with a good combination, and then knocks the mouthpiece of Gao out, warranting a timeout while it is cleaned and the fight resumes. In the final moments of the fight they swing to the finish and exchange before the final bell. Alan Scheinson comes away with the majority decision win in this close fight.

Zhou (win) vs. Walker

In our next fight of the evening we have a middleweight bout between undefeated Chinese kick-boxer Wei Zhou facing off against American up-and-coming kick-boxer Andre Walker. In the first round, both men trade off punches, but both demonstrate disciplined shot selection and defense. Zhou is landing the better shots of the two men, but Walker is hanging with him. After a flying knee attempt by Walker, Zhou lands a good flurry before a clinch break. He continues forward pressure and lands another flurry against Walker, but this one is better defended. While Walker lands some good counters and tries to get momentum going, Zhou stays the busier fighter, throwing up combinations one after the other, and scoring with them. After some clinching they break, and Zhou lands a combo that seems to drop Walker, but is ruled a slip and seems appropriate as Walker pops right up unfazed. They both exchange and as Walker finally finds some momentum Zhou comes back and the round ends. 

In the 2nd, both men start out aggressively throwing punches and exchanging. Zhou finds continued success with his boxing, and isn't using many kicks. However as Walker tries to come forward with his own attack, Zhou doesn't need those kicks, as he continues to land his great boxing style punches, and is stopping Walker's offense from taking off. He also maintains a high pace and as such is able to land much more than Walker. Andre isn't completely out of the fight, he finds a home for some good body kicks aimed towards the liver and good straight punches, but again, once he gets going, Zhou comes at him with the overhands, hooks, and straight punches in rapid succession. They clinch and break, and the round ends. 

As the 3rd begins, Zhou comes back with the aggressive attack and Walker tries to distance himself to land the kicks he was having success with earlier. He tries a couple kicks but one sneaks low and catches Zhou on the cup. He signals this and is given a moment to recover. As the fight resumes Zhou comes with a flurry towards Walker and this backs him up. Both men exchange and Walker catches Zhou with a flush 1-2, only for the well-conditioned Zhou to return with his own combination that lands flush. Both men continue to exchange punches and the pattern continues; when walker comes forward with his strikes, Zhou returns with his own flurry and includes 2-3 more punches in his combinations. Walker appears fatigued and Zhou finishes strong, landing a final 1-2 as the bell rings that jacks Walker's head back, and he impresses his fellow countrymen with a dominant Unanimous Decision win.

Silva vs. Verhoeven (win)

In the main event of the Superfight Series card, we have former UFC Fighter and MMA great Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva and Skilled Dutch Heavyweight Kickboxer and GLORY Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven. In the first round both men start cautiously before Bigfoot throws an overhand right and slips as Rico catches him coming in. Rico keeps his distance with body kicks and Bigfoot continues trying to close the distance. Rico is visibly the better striker as Bigfoot is sloppy at times. Again Bigfoot charges in but slips and they are reset in the middle of the ring. Rico continues to control the center and lands good body kicks and punches. Rico lands an accidental low blow kick and Bigfoot drops and curses as he tries to recover from the low blow. 

He does and the fight resumes, and Rico picks up exactly where he left off, landing great combos with punches and kicks and mixes them up masterfully. Bigfoot does his best to move forward, and actually lands a couple of the big overhand rights he throws at Rico. He lands another good right but Rico comes back with a good leg kick that staggers Bigfoot, and he uses a combo of punches followed by kicks to continue the dominant round as it ends. 

As the second round begins, Bigfoot comes out and lands a right hand and Rico stumbles. Pursuing as if the punch hurt him, Bigfoot backs Rico into the corner and begins throwing more overhand rights, which Rico blocks and then they clinch. As they do, Rico spins around the right side of Bigfoot, backing him into the ropes, and he throws up a huge right high kick that catches Bigfoot square on the side of the head and drops him to the canvas. Bigfoot gets up after a moment and gets to his feet when the referee reaches 8. He signals that he's ok. But when the fight resumes, Rico lands a couple punches. After a failed spinning heel kick, Rico lands a brutal 4 punch combo that Bigfoot doesn't defend, and as he stands in the corner halfway conscious the referee steps in between him and Rico ending the fight. Rico Verhoeven wins by first round TKO.

GLORY 46 card

Now we'll just briefly review the GLORY 46 card that affected their tournaments. 

  • In the Featherweight division, Japanese kick-boxer Masaya Kubo scored a head-kick KO late in the first round over Chenchen Li, advancing him to the Finals of the featherweight qualification tournament. 
  • In the second semi-final fight of the Featherweight qualification tournament we had Chenglong Zhang go up against Australian Quade Taranaki, beating him over 3 rounds in a dominant Unanimous Decision victory, taking him to the finals where he would face off against Masaya Kubo. 
  • In the next fight, we had a 3 round heavyweight contest between Australia's Junior Tafa and China's Quanchao Luo. Junior Tafa earned himself a TKO victory after knocking down Luo 3 times in the first round of the fight, which according to Glory rules means a technical knockout. 
  • In the second to last fight of the evening, Featherweight Qualification tournament winners Masaya Kubo and Chenglong Zhang faced off. It was a good fight, but overall Chenglong Zhang proved to be the superior fighter, besting Kubo over 3 rounds and earning himself the Win and the admiration of his countrymen at the same time. 
  • In the main event of the GLORY 46 card we had Brazilian Kick-boxer Alex Pereira face off against GLORY Middleweight champion Simon Marcus. It was a good fight overall but Pereira showed off why he deserves to be the 187 pound GLORY champ. He showed off great boxing and kicking skills, defense, and power. In the crucial 5th round, both men were trading blows when Pereira landed a flush right hand that sent the champ Marcus to the canvas. He got up and on his feet on the count of 8, and was able to survive the final ambush that Pereira brought. This was the exclamation point on a dominant victory and Alex Pereira came away as new GLORY Middleweight champion after getting the Unanimous Decision Victory over Simon Marcus.


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