UFC 218 Results


Main Event – World Featherweight Championship

Max Holloway (Win) vs Jose Aldo

In the main event of the evening, we have the Championship rematch from UFC 212. Jose Aldo, the former Featherweight champion of the World, seeks to reclaim his gold tonight as he steps in on short notice as a replacement for Frankie Edgar, the original opponent for the current champion of the world: Max Holloway. The Hawaiian champ comes into this fight just as confident, and he is seeking to defend his title for the first time against the man he took it from just 6 months ago.

In the first round, Max pumps the jab early. Holloway with the straight right behind that. He continues to press forward on Aldo, who has yet to throw any strikes. Aldo looking ofr openings, and finds a few hooks. He then goes to the leg kick as Holloway lands a hard right hand. They trade a bit, and after more strike exchanges they briefly clinch.

They separate, and now Holloway is able to land a few more strikes and go in and out, avoiding damage. Aldo hasn't gone back to the leg kick, and Holloway continues to pick him apart with the jabs and follow ups that he brings. Aldo lands a hard uppercut that Holloway claps at in the last ten seconds, and the round ends with a show of respect from both fighters.

At the start of the second round, they trade straight hands, and Holloway finds the straight right behind the double jab a couple of times. Aldo finds a hard leg kick, but Holloway comes back with combinations. Aldo now with a flush one two, and after some measuring, he lands a good left hook as Holloway lands one of his own. Holloway begins pressing forward more now, but Aldo finds a sharp straight followed by a heavy leg kick. He goes back to it once more.

They clinch briefly but Aldo shrugs off Holloway, and they reset. They exchange punches, back and forth, most of them end up blocked. Aldo lands another leg kick but Holloway catches it and lands a hard combination and a couple of body shots. Now they trade again and this time they swing more wildly, with Holloway landing more shots this time around. They trade strikes until the buzzer.

Here in the 3rd, Holloway lands a body punch to begin. They exchange more and Aldo lands a knee to the body. He finds another chopping leg kick as well. Holloway coming back with a four punch combination that lands flush. Aldo lands an elbow on the break of a clinch, but Holloway comes back, begins taunting Aldo, then moving forward and actually landing a few strikes in the flurry he throws. Holloway presses forward, and has Aldo backing up, now he starts pouring on the punches.

Combination after combination lands for Max, and he starts stringing together punches on the former champ. Aldo eats more and more damage from Holloway, and the champion doesn't get crazy with the strikes, they are precise and heavy. One more hard punch by Holloway, and Aldo appears to fall down, but he hangs onto a takedown on Holloway. Holloway defends well, and falls down right into mount. He begins bombing Aldo, landing shot after shot as Aldo's face becomes bloodier as he struggles to try to escape underneath.

Referee Herb Dean tells Aldo that he is close to being stopped. Holloway stands to load up, then he drops down and lands one final huge right hand that rocks back Aldo's head towards the canvas, and Herb Dean has seen enough. He steps in and Max Holloway celebrates as he retains his title for the first time.

Max Holloway def. Jose Aldo via R3 TKO. 

Main Card

Alistair Overeem vs Francis Ngannou (Win)

Now, in our Co-Main event of the evening, we have a huge matchup in the UFC's Heavyweight division. Francis Ngannou, a rapidly rising UFC contender will face his biggest test yet, in an all time MMA great and UFC Veteran who's beaten some of the best, Alistair Overeem.

This will show who's really looking to make a serious run at the Heavyweight title. In the first round, Overeem begins with a lunging left hook. Now, they clinch. They jockey for position on the fence for about a minute before Referee Dan Miragliotta separates them. Suddenly, as they re-engage and Overeem over reaches with a punch, Ngannou throws and lands a devastating left hook that jacks back the head of Overeem and the former Pride champion falls to the canvas as stiff as a board. Ngannou follows up with a massive hammer fist for good measure, but Overeem is already completely out.

Ngannou walks away victorious, and it is obvious who the next title shot is going to.

Francis Ngannou def. Alistair Overeem via R1 KO.

Henry Cejudo (Win) vs Sergio Pettis

Now, in the Flyweight division, we have a faceoff between a seasoned veteran who is finding his prime in Henry Cejudo, and a young contender coming into his own in Sergio Pettis. This fight will determine who moves up further in the Flyweight division. In the first, Cejudo starts out in his wide newly adopted Karate stance. Sergio goes with a leg kick early. Pettis lands a one two, Cejudo shoots in with strikes but Pettis counters.

Well timed takedown by Cejudo, and now he moves to side control. He lands some knees to the body of Pettis from there. He now takes the back of Pettis as Pettis rolls, and he is now riding the back as Pettis tries to escape. Now in the leg riding position, he lands some lefts on Pettis, and stays on his back. Pettis tries to get to his feet, but Cejudo spins to a headlock and brings him back down, and now Pettis gets back to guard, Cejudo still on top. He stands a couple of times to get leverage for strikes, and as Pettis tries to get up he pounces and then lands a few hard punches as the round expires.

Now in the second, Pettis trying to get his strikes going early. They trade body kicks early, and now they both throw hard right hooks against each other. Pettis slips and falls, Cejudo lands a punch as he does and falls into the takedown. Cejudo going to work in Pettis' guard, looking to pass, but Pettis is locking him down from the bottom, defending masterfully.

Pettis looking for an arm bar now, he can't find it, and Cejudo spins out and gets the wrist-ride once again. From there he controls Pettis, lands ground and pound, and is able to take him back down if he stands. As they now separate, they begin throwing more heavy shots. Pettis tries a spinning kick that Cejudo avoids and the buzzer sounds, ending the round.

In the third and final round, Pettis finds his punches early, Cejudo lands a one two counter to answer. They clinch briefly, and Pettis stuffs a takedown attempt by Cejudo. After some more exchanges, Cejudo grabs Pettis' leg and this time, is able to complete the takedown and land right into the guard of Pettis. Cejudo tries to work and land ground and pound from on top, but Pettis locks him down well. Cejudo stands, and then is able to fall back down into side control.

He spins to the headlock position, and as Pettis scrambles, Cejudo moves to the mount against the cage, lands some strikes, and is able to control for a moment, but Pettis now works to his feet. They now separate, Cejudo lands a hard left. They exchange a few shots at the end of the round, and in the final ten seconds, Cejudo defends a last ditch takedown attempt from Pettis.

Henry Cejudo def. Sergio Pettis via Unanimous Decision.

Eddie Alvarez (Win) vs Justin Gaethje

Next up, Lightweight division, we have a huge matchup between two warriors, and the coaches from The Ultimate Fighter 26. Justin Gaethje, undefeated fighter with a huge knack for straight up brawls, he takes on MMA great, Eddie Alvarez, in a fight between two men who are as close to Gladiators as it gets. These men are also among the top ranked fighters in the lightweight division, so this fight brings huge implications.

In the first round, Gaethje opens with his hard leg kicks. Alvarez answers with punches and leg kicks of his own. Gaethje lands his leg kicks over and over, and now a couple of punches. Alvarez lands a combo but eats a counter. They exchange heavy shots, a lot of them miss. Alvarez establishes the jab. Gaethje lands another hard leg kick that staggers Alvarez for a moment. Alvarez lands some combos but Gaethje is right there with him, and theyre going toe to toe. Gaethje with another chopping low kick. And another, as Alvarez tries to take him down but fails.

They reset, Alvarez with a couple of good body punches. He finds a few good body punches against Gaethje, who eats a hard right hand. Gaethje with a hard right that lands though, and it is still anyone's fight. Alvarez with two body shots then a right hook to the head of Gaethje. Alvarez continues to find a home for his mid section punches, and he is able to back up Gaethje with a hard combo, and the round ends as Alvarez slips and Gaethje tries to do something on top. Buzzer.

In the second round now, Alvarez begins with a hard leg kick. Alvarez now lands a hard body shot and a right hook. Gaethje tries to pump a few jabs, and then he lands another leg kick. Gaethje with a hard one two but Alvarez answers with a hard right hand. Alvarez now with a good left, and a hard right hand counter to Gaethje's uppercuts.

They now exchange hard punches, Gaethje lands a knee to the body, but Alvarez is landing more overall, and he clinches Gaethje momentarily and lands hard shots. He follows that with hard body strikes that stand up Gaethje. Alvarez swinging bombs and connecting with Gaethje. Both men looking more tired now, They continue to go back and forth with punches. As they clinch, Gaethje falls backwards trying to move for the takedown attempt, and as he gets up he eats a hard front kick from Alvarez. Round ends.

Now in the third, they go right back to the exchanges as they trade blows. Gaethje lands a hard leg kick, and now he tries to move in with a one two combo. Gaethje lands another hard leg kick, and he moves back as Alvarez tries to jump guard. They reset, and Alvarez lands good clinch strikes, They separate, and now Gaethje with strikes, and more chopping low kicks. Alvarez now with the standing rear waist lock, drags Gaethje to the ground, but they stand and separate shortly after. Gaethje with more leg kicks and an uppercut. Alvarez keeps coming forward, and Gaethje with another leg kick. Alvarez shrugs it off, and now, exhausted, they're both clinching, looking for better position.

Now they're wobbly looking for clinches, but Alvarez stays up, and as he grabs a clinch, he grabs the head of Gaethje, and then lands a huge knee to the head of his tired opponent. Gaethje gets rocked back and he falls down, completely out of it, face first. Alvarez raises his arms prematurely, and after two more shots to the grounded and hurt Gaethje, Referee Herb Dean steps in to stop the fight. Alvarez walks away victorious and Gaethje is so out of it he can't stand on his own. A tremendous ending to a great fight.

Eddie Alvarez def. Justin Gaethje via R3 TKO.

Tecia Torres (Win) vs Michelle Waterson

In this women's strawweight contest to kick off the main card, Michele Waterson looks to get back on track in the 115lb division, as she takes on rapidly ascending contender Tecia Torres, who also has huge momentum coming into this fight.

In the first round, Waterson looks for a few kicks, then as Torres looks for the takedown, Waterson takes her back. She has the standing rear waistlock now, and now they clinch against the fence. Torres begins landing some hard right hands now. Waterson continues to throw kicks early in the first, and Torres is now finding more counters. Torres now is able to land hard punches, then she grabs a thai clinch and lands hard knees to the body and vicious elbows.

Now she has Waterson against the fence, and as they break, Waterson lands the right. They clinch again against the fence, Torres in control. They separate, and now they exchange heavy strikes. Waterson lands a front leg side kick a couple of times after another clinch break, but Torres clinches again, and now lands hard right hands against the fence. As the round expires, Torres lands a hard elbow and punches to Waterson against the fence.

Now in the second round, Torres continues forward pressure landing some hooks on Waterson, and then a knee. Again, she lands some combinations on Waterson and is piling it on, Waterson comes back with a hard knee of her own. After a clinch and throw attempt by Torres, Waterson reverses with a head and arm throw, and after a scramble, she lands on top, and works into half guard. She's looking to pass now, and Torres is looking to escape from underneath, and she grabs a kimura briefly to try and sweep.

Waterson now back into the closed guard of Torres. Torres does a good job of defending from the bottom, keeping Waterson in the guard. Now Torres is looking for a triangle. Waterson defends well, applying pressure on top, and Torres, looking for submissions and not finding them. The round ends as they scramble to their feet, and Torres looks briefly for a takedown before stopping for the buzzer.

In the third and final round, Torres lands a one two first. Waterson lands a good right hand counterm and now they clinch up. Torres has Waterson against the cage, and after separating Torres continues to land, but Waterson comes back with a nifty straight elbow. Waterson coming forward now gets caught by a Torres combination.

Waterson's left eye is damaged. Torres taking her time is lining up her shots, and she lands a kick to the body. Waterson tries a teep kick but loses her footing. Torres bounces on top of her after avoiding an upkick, and she takes the back of the standing Waterson. Torres stays with it despite almost sliping off, and now Torres has her flattened out belly down. She begins laying down huge ground and pound from the back, and Waterson rolls in desperation. Torres still has the back, but after a scramble, they stand and trade for the final seconds of the round.

Tecia Torres def. Michele Waterson via Unanimous Decision.

Preliminary fights

Charles Oliveira vs Paul Felder (Win)

In the night's featured Preliminary fight, Charles Oliveira seeks to make more moves in the Lightweight division, as he faces off against another skilled contender in the division, Paul Felder, who is on a two fight win streak.

In the first round, Oliveira opens with a leg kick. Felder lands a couple of hard hooks, but Oliveira grabs onto the single leg, and completes the takedown. Felder scrambles, and Oliveira keeps on top, looking for the D'arce choke now. There is a long struggle by Felder to avoid it, and as they scramble, Oliveira takes the back once again and threatens with the rear naked choke. After defending the choke, Felder is able to dump him off, and now he drops down with a punch into Oliveira's guard. Felder now on top in half guard, and Oliveira is looking for submissions. Felder moves around on top to keep moving to ground and pound. The round ends with Felder on top.

Now in the second, Oliveira looks for the takedown early, but Felder defends well and is now against the cage in a clinch with Oliveira. Felder now reverses position, and has Oliveira against the fence, and then he lands a hard elbow that drops Oliveira momentarily. As they go to the ground, Felder is trying to lay on the ground and pound to finish. Oliveira gets to guard, and tries now to defend.

Felder moves to half guard and is trying to work his ground and pound. Felder stands, and now looks to make his way back into the guard of Oliveira. He finds a way in between the legs and is now back into Oliveira's guard. In a scramble, Oliveira rolls and looks for a knee bar, but then he loses it and Felder begins landing more big shots on the ground. Back in Oliveira's guard, Felder looks for an elbow, and he lands a hard one that rocks Oliveira.

He then follows up and lands about 5 hard elbows on the head of the barely defending Oliveira, and Referee Dan Miragliotta steps in for the stop. On replay it appeared that after the first elbow Oliveira tapped, signaling that he was done, but it wasn't seen and he was then pounded out, as was necessary. Paul Felder with a dominant win.

Paul Felder def. Charles Oliveira via R2 TKO.

Alex Oliveira vs Yancy Medeiros (Win)

In this Welterweight bout, Brazil's Alex Oliveira looks to extend his 5 fight winning streak against Hawaii's Yancy Medeiros, who himself is coming off of a pair of stoppage victories.

In the first round, both men come out swinging and Oliveira is sent to the canvas by Medeiros who lands a hard one two. Oliveira pops back up and fights forward with shots of his own, then they clinch. Oliveira tries to keep Medeiros against the cage, but accidentally knees him low. After the pause for Medeiros to recover, they resume, and Oliveira looks hurt, but then Oliveira lands a monstrous right hand and knocks down Medeiros! Oliveira immediately follows up and Medeiros is able to recover as Oliveira tries to pound him out.

As they stand, Oliveira catches Medeiros again, dropping him, and again tries to pound him out. Medeiros against all odds survives again, but Oliveira chases him, landing huge shot after huge shot on the Hawaiian. However Medeiros is showing off his toughness, standing and taking all of the punishment on his iron chin. Oliveira clinches him against the fence and they exchange punches and elbows until the buzzer.

In the second round, they start out slower, as Yancy throws a couple of punches. Oliveira lands a front kick to the body a few times, and then lands his hard right hand again. Yancy avoids some punches from Oliveira and lands a hard left hand that wobbles Oliveira. They both reset, and continue to exchange shots. Oliveira lands a hard counter right, but Medeiros returns with punches of his own in this back and forth war.

Oliveira with a pair of right hands, but Medeiros comes back with combinations, good body shots, and almost has Oliveira hurt. Oliveira comes back with hard right hands, and they clinch against the fence. As they separate Oliveira goes to kicks, landing 3 or 4 body kicks in a row. As Oliveira clinches to throw Yancy, Medeiros reverses and lands a judo throw, on top in mount, now dropping hard elbows. As he goes up and drops a massive elbow, Oliveira scrambles underneath, and Medeiros lands a few hard punches as the buzzer sounds.

Now, in the third, after a show of respect, Medeiros misses a high kick. Oliveira comes back with a huge combo of right hands. As he clinches Medeiros, he lands his first tkaedown on Medeiros. Medeiros gets to his feet, but Oliveira keeps the standing rear waistlock, and takes him down again. Oliveira takes the back and threatens with the choke, but Yancy turns around and works in Oliveira's guard. He passes to half guard, but Oliveira gets to his feet and they separate.

After they get up, Oliveira has a different look on his face, and he begins backing up as Medeiros walks him down. Medeiros recognizes this and gets Oliveira against the cage, and he pours on the punches for the finish. He lands a duo of hard right hooks, then a hard knee to the head of Oliveira. A final left hook rocks Oliveira and he falls to the canvas stunned, he covers up in desperation, and Medeiros drops two more huge punches on him as the referee steps in and stops the fight.

Yancy Medeiros def. Alex Oliveira via R3 TKO.

Drakkar Klose vs David Teymur (Win)

In this lightweight bout, up and comers face off to advance in perhaps the deepest division of the UFC. Drakkar Klose, who is looking to extend his win streak in the octagon, takes on former TUF contestant and kickboxing standout David Teymur.

In the first round, Klose begins with kicks and Teymur responds with a leg kick. Klose controls the center as Teymur attacks with kicks. Klose closes the distance and attacks with some punches, but the separate before they clinch. Klose taunts Teymur for circling around, and both men try to find momentum. Teymur finds a straight left, and Herb Dean warns Teymur for timidity. The fight resumes, and Teymur fights more aggressively now. They clinch briefly and exchange knees, Teymur tries a head kick but it was blocked. Klose returns with some punches and gets caught by a counter, Teymur with leg kicks to follow. Teymur tries a combo, and Klose lands a takedown. Teymur is able to power back to his feet though, and they're back to standing with ten seconds left. The round ends.

In the second, both men come out swinging, but they can't find much early. They trade leg kicks. Teymur lands a leg kick then Klose chases with a flurry. Teymur throws a couple of high kicks that are blocked, and Klose tries a takedown but is stuffed. Teymur is landing good kicks now and Klose is getting frustrated that he can't connect with Teymur. Teymur tries a takedown, but fails, as Klose goes for a double leg, Teymur defends and lands a hard punch.

They continue to circle around, and Teymur is landing more strikes and more accurately. Klose tries a body kick and Teymur catches his leg and trips him. He now works inside Klose's guard, landing some good strikes from on top. Klose is defending well, but Teymur is working him towards the cage, and the round ends with Teymur on top.

Now in the third round, Teymur lands a hard combination of punches and kicks that backs up Klose, but Klose doesn't give up and comes back with strikes of his own. Klose is now pursuing and running into counters, and now as he does so again Teymur tries to throw a knee and then accidentally pokes Klose's eye. After a pause they resume and Teymur goes back to head kicks. Klose is able to land some counters but it is still circling on the outside.

They trade body kicks. More exchanges of well placed strikes. Teymur continues to work precision shots and moves around, Klose expresses his frustration as he can't pin down Teymur. Klose finally manages a well timed shot for a takedown, and then he secures it. He ends up in side control, but Teymur pops back up again, in a well timed scramble. Teymur lands more body kicks and a nice punch to the midsection. Teymur fails on a takedown attempt. They continue to trade as the horn sounds on this close fight.

David Teymur def. Drakkar Klose via Unanimous Decision.

Felice Herrig (Win) vs Courtney Casey-Sanchez

To kick off the early prelims, we have skilled grappler and #9 ranked straw weight Felice Herrig taking on fellow 115lber Courtney Casey in a 3 round bout.

In the first round, Herrig presses forward early. She lands a good left hook and a right hand that follows it. They trade punches as Casey comes back with some punches of her own. They continue to trade, and Herrig finds a way to land another hard left hook. Casey comes back with a hard overhand of her own, and they continue to trade strikes. Herrig goes to a leg kick, then in exchanges, Herrig lands some hard hooks but Casey lands hard straights of her own, which prompts Herrig to clinch.

They reverse positions briefly, but Herrig maintains control, and then lands a nice takedown into Casey's half guard. She goes to work, trying to advance position. Casey is doing a good job of defending from the bottom, and as she looks for a kimura, she sweeps Felice and ends up on top in side control. Herrig sprawls and they stand up, back to striking. Casey lands a low kick and Herrig misses a straight right. Now Herrig lands the right hook. Herrig presses forward in the last ten seconds and they both go back to exchanging wild punches. The buzzer sounds.

In the second round, Herrig lands first with a one two. Casey lands a leg kick then a swift combo after that. They exchange punches, and as the round goes on they continue to go back and forth with combinations. Herrig lands the heavier shots, Casey is landing more. Now Herrig comes forward with combinations and continues to land a good overhand right. She follows that with a combo that ends with a hard right. As Casey lands a leg kick, Herrig lands a hard left hook counter. Herrig is landing more now, and countering Casey's long shots.

In the third round, Herrig comes forward and starts landing harder and more measured shots on Casey now. They fight very cautiously, and they're both picking their shots. Herrig lands more combinations on Casey as Casey is able to land the occasional counter. Herrig lands the right hand, over and over as Casey doesn't move from in front of her as the fight goes on. Herrig begins to chase around Casey and lands more shots, and they have a moment of frustration as they curse at each other and Felice flips off Casey. They slug it out until the final bell, but it is the hooks of Felice Herrig that did more damage.

Felice Herrig def. Courtney Casey via Split Decision.

Early Preliminaries

Amanda Bobby Cooper (Win) vs Angela Magana

In our final early prelim, Straw weights face off as Amanda Bobby Cooper faces off against Angela Magana.

In the first round, Magana strikes first with a leg kick then a knee to the body. As Magana goes for a body kick, Cooper catches it and pushes Magana against the fence looking for the takedown. At first when Cooper gets Magana down, she springs back up, but they stay clinched and Cooper is able to take her back down. She transitions to full mount, and then Cooper is able to take the back as Magana rolls over. In a scramble, Magana reverses and is able to get to guard on the bottom.

She is able to land some elbows from the bottom, but as she looks for an arm bar, Cooper defends it expertly and is able to get to half guard. Cooper drops down some hard elbows, then gets to mount and goes to ground and pound for the remainder of the round.

In the second round, Cooper finds the takedown early, and as she lands in Magana's guard, Magana begins looking for another arm bar. Cooper passes into half guard, where she looks for a submission but then just goes to ground and pound, landing hard left hands to the face of Magana. Cooper then continues to work and passes to side control, where she lands a couple of hard elbows.

This forces Magana to roll over, and Cooper takes the back, and looks for the rear naked choke. Magana fights back hard and Cooper can't finish the choke, but she uses her hooks to flatten out Magana and from here, she continues to land ground and pound. This goes on for a while, and after a time, Referee Keith Peterson lets Magana know she must defend or the fight will be stopped. She can't do anything to get out of the predicament she's in, and the fight is stopped.

Amanda Bobby Cooper def. Angela Magana via R2 TKO.

Abdul Razak Alhassan (Win) vs Sabah Homasi

In this fight, we have Welterweight up and comer Abdul Razak Al Hassan, who has all of his wins via T/KO, and Sabah Homasi, who seeks to get his first win in the octagon after losing his debut.

In the first round, Homasi strikes first, landing a good right hand and some hard kicks to the leg of Al Hassan. Homasi continues to land, as he touches Al Hassan with an overhand right, but as he lunges in to follow up, Al Hassan lands a hard counter that wobbles Homasi for a second.

Al Hassan lands another hard punch, and Homasi dives for a takedown right after it. Al Hassan defends well and gets Homasi against the cage. After an eye poke claim from Homasi that goes unanswered, they separate. Homasi comes back now and lands a hard knee to the body followed by another overhand right. Homasi then finds a takedown and begins going to work inside the guard of Al Hassan. Homasi drops elbows and Al Hassan then works to his feet. They stand and as Homasi throws a knee to the body, he gets taken down by the judoka Al Hassan.

In a scramble, Homasi escapes, but Al Hassan gets him clinched against the wall. Another takedown by Al Hassan, but again, Homasi gets to his feet quickly. Al Hassan steps away and then they trade heavy punches, and in the exchange, a right hand from Al Hassan hits Homasi in the temple and drops him. He falls to the canvas, but he recovers and looks for the takedown.

However, Referee Herb Dean has already stepped in when Homasi was originally dropped, and he stops the fight. A controversial stoppage for sure.

Dominick Reyes (Win) vs Jeremy Kimball

In this Light Heavyweight bout, Jeremy Kimball looks to find momentum with another UFC win, and he faces off against fellow 205er Dominick Reyes, who seeks to do the same himself.

In the first round,Kimball opens up first with a hard right hand that backs up Reyes, and Kimball follows and finds the takedown. Reyes climbs to his feet but Kimball has the standing rear waistlock and keeps ahold of Reyes.

He then hits a trip and hits some ground and pound shots as Reyes stands. However once Reyes is up he shoots and takes down Kimball, and then passes to side control. Reyes lands a hard left hand as Kimball tries to re-gain guard, and Kimball rolls over. Reyes jumps on Kimball's back, and then gets a back mount with a body triangle. He starts landing elbows on Kimball, and some strike near the back of his head, for which Reyes is warned. Reyes then looks for the rear naked choke and finds it without too much struggle after going into it straight from striking. Kimball is caught in the choke, tight, and he has nothing else to do but tap out, which he does.

Dominick Reyes def. Jeremy Kimball via R1 Submission.

Justin Willis (Win) vs Allen Crowder

In the first heavyweight bout of the evening, Allen Crowder makes his UFC debut after his TKO victory on Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series. He went up against Justin Willis, and this fight didn't last long.

In the first round, Willis catches Crowder's first kick and lands a hard straight left counter. Willis later catches another kick, this time landing more left hands as he lets Crowder go. Crowder moves forward to attack but Willis catches a Thai clinch and lands hard knees to the body. Crowder is backing up, and Willis closes in with another hard straight left, which hurts Crowder.

Willis continues to walk him down, and now, he lands a hard uppercut on Crowder. Another left from Willis sends Crowder backwards into the fence, and as Willis misses a knee he launches a massive left hand that cracks against Crowder's jaw, knocking him unconsious and limp, causing him to crumble to the floor.

Referee Dan Miragliotta steps in, and the fight is over.


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