UFC Fight Night 120: Poirier vs Pettis


Main card

Anthony Pettis vs. Dustin Poirier (win)

Now, we get to the main event of the evening. In this fight, we have UFC great Anthony 'Showtime' Pettis, coming back to Lightweight for the second time, after a dominant decision victory against Jim Miller. He squares off against #8 ranked Dustin 'The Diamond' Poirier, who has beaten some of the best at 155, like Jim Miller, Bobby Green, and Joe Duffy. In the first round, Pettis throws kicks to start. Poirier presses forward though. He throws a combo to no avail. Pettis stays alert, but then Poirier shoots a double leg, and lands it, getting Pettis down early. He grinds him against the cage. Pettis works a guillotine, but doesn't find success with it. He lets go but quickly grabs a kimura from the bottom. He is forced to let it go. Poirier working ground and pound inside of Pettis' guard. He stands, but then Pettis trips him and sweeps to the top. They scramble to their feet after that. Pettis with a good right. He lands another good right after. Poirier tries a takedown but is stuffed by Pettis. They clinch against the fence, but as they separate they exchange heavy shots, with Poirier landing a good right. Poirier then lands a good combination that staggers Pettis, and he pours it on with punches. He launches a flurry of straights against Pettis, a lot of which land. Pettis is still in the fight though, and he launches some punches of his own that land flush against Poirier. The round ends as they exchange.

In the second, the action resumes quickly. It is back and forth, and then Poirier shoots for another takedown, getting Pettis against the fence and then getting him down with the single leg slam. Poirier works Pettis against the fence. From the bottom, Pettis throws up a couple of good triangle attempts, but cannot finish them. Poirier lands good elbows as he defends, along with good punches. Pettis is cut open, and Poirier gets to Pettis' back. After fighting for the choke, Poirier continues working for the choke but Pettis spins around and lands in top guard, landing huge elbows from the top himself. After he takes the back, Poirier lands on top and gets some shots going. Again they scramble, and again they reverse position. Now Poirier is working from the open guard on top of Pettis, after exciting grappling exchanges. Pettis has pools of blood forming in his eye sockets, and after time is called the doctor is called in to examine Pettis and clean off the blood. They clear him to fight, and they resume position with Pettis on bottom. Poiriercontinues to work on ground and pound, but Pettis locks in a tight triangle from the bottom. It is deep, but Poirier flips over and slips out. Poirier pounds Pettis on top as the round ends.

In the third, Pettis goes to a high kick early. Poirier comes back with punches, and then another takedown attempt, against the cage. Poirier works him against it, and as Pettis stands, Poirier moves to the back. Pettis rolls to try and reverse but Poirier stays with it and takes his back. Poirier threatening with the rear naked choke. As Pettis tries to roll through back into the guard of Poirier, he wrenches into Poirier's legs, and as Poirier keeps mount, Pettis winces and taps multiple times, and Referee Keith Peterson after a quick clarification, jumped in and pulled Poirier off of Pettis. Pettis stays laid on the ground clutching at the left side of his body, presumably succumbing to a rib injury after torquing his body too far into Poirier's body triangle. 

Dustin Poirier def. Anthony Pettis via R3 TKO (Injury) 

Matt Brown (win) vs. Diego Sanchez

Next up, we have the co-main event of the evening, where two true UFC veterans square off. In this Welterweight bout, Matt Brown, who's been in the UFC since 2008, takes the Octagon for one of the last times ever, against another veteran, Diego Sanchez, who won the original TUF, and has been in the UFC since 2005. In the first round, Diego rushes forward, and lands a hard right before shooting the takedown. He has Brown against the cage, working for the takedown. They struggle for position here against the fence, and eventually Brown separates. Diego trying to close the distance, eats a shot from Brown. He shoots another takedown, and Brown defends well, separating after clinching against the fence. Diego still chasing with shots, shoots a single and misses badly. Diego lands a good body kick, that buckles Brown briefly. Diego continues to press forward. He lands a couple more good punches. As he throws a kick, Brown catches it. Brown then holding Diego's leg, pushes him back into the cage, where he then measures with his left and then lands a MASSIVE right elbow that drops Diego to the canvas, limp and out cold. Referee Dan Miragliotta steps in, and Matt Brown gets the walk away win. Matt Brown def. Diego Sanchez via R1 KO.  

Joe Lauzon vs. Clay Guida (win)

In the first fight of the Main card, we have a very entertaining matchup, between two UFC fan-favorite veterans. Veteran and former Lightweight title challenger Joe Lauzon takes on fellow veteran, former Strikeforce Lightweight champ Clay Guida. To begin, Guida lands some leg kicks and a punch. Guida then lands a huge overhand that lands right behind the ear and staggers Lauzon, and 'The Carpenter' then follows up with a left hook and a DEVASTATING right uppercut that crashes into Lauzon's chin, sending him down to the canvas. Clay follows and goes to work in Lauzon's guard with ground and pound, as Lauzon's still rocked from the uppercut. Hammerfists, straight punches, and elbows, all in a flurry as Guida tries to fight for the stoppage. Joe defends halfway, only because of his warrior nature, its obvious he is out of the fight as Clay pounds away. After a duo of elbows that open a cut on Lauzon's forehead, and a couple more punches, the Referee steps in, stopping the fight. Clay Guida gets his first stoppage victory since 2011. 

Clay Guida def. Joe Lauzon via R1 TKO.  

Raphael Assuncao (win) vs. Matthew Lopez

In our next fight, we have #4 ranked Bantamweight Raphael Assuncao going up against promising UFC newcomer, 10-1 Matthew Lopez. To begin the first, Lopez and Assuncao trade jabs. More heavy exchanges between men, as they are showing their power. Assuncao is landing well but Lopez is able to land his own strikes to stop his momentum. Assuncao is wary of Lopez's takedown ability, Lopez not trying to leave himself open to Assuncao's power. They continue to trade, both men tentative. Assuncao misses with a one two and a spinning kick. Lopez times Assuncao and lands a good counter combination. As he ducks a strike from Assuncao, Lopez is able to grab onto and take him down. Assuncao fights to his feet though, and they separate, throwing until the buzzer.

In the second, both men begin to throw at each other again. Assuncao is landing more precisely though, and lands a good leg kick. He then lands a good left hook on Lopez. After another leg kick, Lopez grabs onto Assuncao again, and he attempts the takedown. Assuncao defends well, and attacks the kimura, and Lopez lets go. They return to the center where they continue to throw, Assuncao looking to land the bigger shots against Lopez. He goes back to the leg kicks with success. After exchanges they tag each other, Lopez finding a good right on Assuncao, which causes him to drop briefly, and he landed his own against Lopez, which staggered him. They recover quickly, and continue to exchange punches and high kicks at the end of the second.

In the third, Assuncao goes back to the low kick that has caused a large bruise on Lopez's lead leg. They throw heavily on one another once again. Another thunderous leg kick by Assuncao. A takedown attempt by Lopez is stuffed by Assuncao, and as they return to the feet they continue to wing punches. Lopez backs up and Assuncao tries a flying knee, and as he lands he throws a left that misses, but then a huge right hook that hits Lopez right on the chin, and he drops to the canvas lifelessly. Raphael thinks about dropping another punch but pulls it up just as Referee Keith Peterson rushes in to stop the fight. 

Raphael Assuncao def. Matthew Lopez via. R3 KO.

Nate Marquardt vs. Cezar Ferreira (win)

Now in our 10th fight of the evening, UFC Veteran in his 59th pro fight, Nate Marquardt going up against Promising UFC up and comer Cezar Ferreira. In the first round, both men start out cautiously. Ferreira opens up with a leg kick. Nate follows suit with a good one two, then good combos behind that. As Cezar backs up, he throws a good left hand that catches Nate's attention. They cotinuue to trade, and Marquardt tries a takedown, but Ferreira stuffs it. Nate is finding some success with his punches but Cezar is right there with him. Nate with a good leg kick, and towards the end of the round, lands a good straight right. The round ends, both men have done about equal damage to each other.

In the second round, they begin tentative again, with Nate kicking at Cezar's leg to begin. They are both judging each others' movements and are respecting each others' power. Nate shoots for a takedown but isn't successful, instead just pressing Cezar against the fence. They struggle and Nate lands a right as they separate. After some exchanges, Cezar grabs the leg and takes Nate down, but Marquardt is able to fight to his feet. Cezar lands a kick to Nates body, while Nate comes back with a good one two. Nate attempts a high kick but it's blocked, as Ferreira lands some leg kicks. Cezar lands a good left, but Nate comes back with a good right. They open up now, and Nate lands a good combination that sends Cezar to the canvas. He tries to follow up, but Cezar gets up and the round ends.

Now in the third, Cezar lands a good right just as Nate does, and follows it with a successful takedown. Cezar now works inside the guard of Nate. Cezar grinds away against the fence, with body shots. Nate grabs the whizzer with his arm around Ferreria's, trying to get to his feet. Nate gets to his feet, but as Cezar stays with him he grabs for a takedown. Nate grabs for a guillotine. Cezar completes the slam, but Nate hangs on to the choke, Cezar recognizes and passes to side control, where Nate is forced to abandon it. He now grinds away the clock on top in side control. Now in north-south position, he continues to pound away at Nate's body, smothering on top. After some submission attempts by Cezar, Nate scrambles and gets to top position inside Cezar's guard. In the last 10 seconds, he throws down serious leather and 2 huge elbows, the second of which opens up a cut on Ferreira. As the buzzer sounds, Marquardt and Ferreira embrace in sportsmanship, and Ferreira has blood all over his face. 

Cezar Ferreira def. Nate Marquardt via Split Decision.

​Andrei Arlovski (win) vs. Junior Albini

Next up, we have a Heavyweight contest, where UFC Veteran and former Heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski goes up against explosive 14-2 UFC newcomer Junior Albini. To start out the fight, Junior comes out swinging, and Arlovski comes back with a big shot of his own. Junior clinches Arlovski against the fence, and they shortly thereafter separate. Arlovski throws some big shots, lands a couple of them. Albini comes back and now landing good shots of his own. They clinch again and Albini lands some good body shots. After separating, they exchange, Arlovski throwing big overhands, Albini swinging hooks, trying to land a KO punch.

In the second round, both men start out cautiously once more, before Arlovski tries to land combos against Albini. Junior clinches Arlovski against the fence once again, and they fight for position. Referee separation due to inactivity, and they tie up once again. Albini clinches again and now looks for a takedown. After they separate, Arlovski throws some big shots. He finds more combos as Albini tries to find success with his punches. The round ends with exchanges.

In the third, Arlovski comes out with combos first, but Albini is still in the fight and lands some good punches, just missing some heavy elbows. Arlovski presses forward, pushing back Albini. After some exchanges Albini accidentally scrapes the eye of Arlovski, after a brief timeout, Arlovski recovers. He lands good hi-low combos on Albini. Junior comes back, landing some shots, but Arlovski is the more active fighter and is landing more as such. Arlovski accidentally lands a low knee and Albini takes his own time as he recovers. After the time, Albini comes out swinging and then gets Arlovski against the cage. The round ends with Albini chasing a takedown. 

Andrei Arlovski def. Junior Albini via Unanimous Decision. 

​Preliminary cards

​Karl Roberson (win) and Darren Stewart

In the first fight of the night and early prelims, we had a Middleweight contest between up and comers Karl Roberson and Darren Stewart. This fight did not last long, as Roberson was able to rock Stewart early with punches in the clinch, and as he backed up they clinched up on the fence. Roberson then landed a takedown and it was all downhill from there, as Roberson went for the rear naked choke, finally grabbing onto a short choke with his forearm, locking it in and forcing Stewart to tap. 

Karl Roberson def. Darren Stewart via R1 Submission.

Marcel Fortuna vs. Jake Collier​ (win)

Next up, we had a Light Heavyweight contest between Marcel Fortuna and Jake Collier

The first round was full of back and forth striking, with Fortuna finding success with low kicks and punches early in the opening round, however Collier was able to find his ground and come back with some hard punches and good defense in the second half of the round. 

In the second, Collier fought off an early Rear Naked Choke attempt by Fortuna, and shows his superior striking off some more, landing a good spinning back kick. As he pressed forward, Fortuna clinches and is able to get a trip takedown. But after a brief time on top, Fortuna is then swept by Collier and Collier is able to land some strikes and finish the round on top. 

In the third round, Collier took over, landing good strikes including a good left high kick and a knee to Fortuna's body. Collier survived Fortuna's takedown attempts and as they got back up, Fortuna lands a good combo that Collier recovers from. He ends the fight landing good shots on Fortuna. 

Jake Collier def. Marcel Fortuna via Unanimous Decision.

Sean Strickland (win) vs. Court McGee

In the last fight of the early prelims, we have a Welterweight contest between up-and-comings Sean Strickland and Court McGee

In the first round, it was all Strickland, as he landed a good combo that sent McGee to the canvas. He went to McGee's guard but only landed a couple of strikes on the ground. Through the rest of the round, Strickland uses his long reach to land good jabs and right hands that do damage to McGee all the way to the buzzer. 

In the second, McGee comes out aggressively, charging at Strickland, shooting a double leg takedown. Strickland is forced against the fence briefly but he separates. The remainder of the round saw more of Strickland's jab landing effectively, and McGee trying a couple more times with the takedowns, being unsuccessful as Strickland is wise to them every time. McGee does get effective leg kicks going this round, but not enough to effect Strickland and the round ends with a failed takedown attempt by McGee. 

The final round sees McGee mix up his game a bit, mixing up levels of strikes and threatening with takedown attempts, but Strickland defends well. As McGee tries another takedown, Strickland reverses and lands on top in side control. After Strickland works some ground and pound, McGee gets to his feet, and after some grappling exchanges and a Heel hook attempt by McGee, Strickland lands a takedown of his own. He takes the back of McGee and looks for the choke, but instead the fight ends with both men fighting hands and punching at each other. 

In a strange turn of events, the fight was initially scored a Majority Draw, but after a while, during the card there was an announcement made that the score was changed due to a scorecard error by the judges. The official result was now in. Sean Strickland def. Court McGee via Unanimous Decision.

Angela Hill vs. Nina Ansaroff (win)

In the first fight of the Prelims, we have a Women's flyweight contest between up-and-comer and Former Invicta FC champ Angela Hill, and UFC Newcomer Nina Ansaroff, and to begin Hill shots the jab. She finds a home for it but Ansaroff finds her own. She also uses leg kicks. Hill lands a good three punch combo. Ansaroff tries a high kick. After a brief clinch exchange they separate and continue to trade heavy shots. Hill begins to land good low kicks. A couple of them causes Ansaroff to stumble and as Nina throws a kick, Hill catches it and lands a takedown. Nina bounces back up. Hill landing good punches and Nina trying to land kicks. While Ansaroff is more powerful, Hill is landing more and more effective shots. They throw heavily as the bell sounds.

In the second, Nina comes out throwing heavy low kicks. She begins landing more punch combos and is pushing forward on Hill. But hill lands a good right and a leg kick to come back. Ansaroff lands more and then catches a Hill kick to try and trip her, but they scramble and get back to the center of the octagon. Hill landing more kicks and then some good combos. Ansaroff showing a chin though, and landing good punches of her own. She lands more punches and a good leg kick that wobbles hill and more overhand rights as they clinch. They separate and now both of them exchange combinations. They both take turns absorbing shots and landing on each other. The bell sounds.

In the third, Hill lands the first strikes with a good overhand. She is throwing more than she did in the second. Ansaroff lands a good spinning back kick that grazes Hill's body. Hill comes back with a good combination. They slow down a bit and go back to trading punches. Hill catches a few of the kicks of Ansaroff but also eats some of her shots. The crowd cheers as they scrap it out. As Hill tries to throw a high kick Ansaroff lands a body shot that drops her briefly. She gets back up and they go back to trading on the feet. Hill trips and Ansaroff briefly goes to attack, but Hill fights her way back up. Ansaroff lands a good head kick at the end of theround and the bell sounds as this close fight comes to an end. 

Nina Ansaroff def. Angela Hill via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)

Sage Northcutt (win) vs. Michel Quinones

Next up, we have a Lightweight matchup between newly returning 155er and explosive UFC up and comer Sage Northcutt, and talented UFC newcomer, Michel Quinones. To start out in the first, Quinones comes out first with a leg kick and feints. Sage lands a great counter right. Quinones throws a leg kick and absorbs another combination from Sage. He again lands a good combination. Patiently, Sage reads his opponent, landing a blocked high kick. He misses a spinning kick but lands a good right to recover from it. After another combination from Sage that backs up Quinones, they reset. Sage lands a good kick and punches. Quinones struggles to match Sage's speed. After a Quninones punch, Sage lands another good flurry. They are tentative at the end of the round, as Quinones tries to get inside, while Sage is waiting to counter. In the last ten seconds, Sage tries a jumping kick and Quinones tries to counter, but Sage is wise to it and lands a good takedown before the buzzer.

As the second round begins, Sage lands good body kicks and punches. Again both men are patient but Sage is mounting more and more offense as the round goes on. Quinones lands his leg kicks a few times with out being countered. Quinones lands some good punches, but is still wary as Sage tries to close the distance on him. Sage then lands some combos and a key one that backs up Quinones again. He then lands a good body kick. He begins chasing Quinones down, throwing as he does, to no avail. The action begins to slow down, but then in the final 20 seconds of this round Sage again goes for the takedown, landing the double leg shot with ease. He stays on top in side control until the buzzer.

In the third, Sage lands a good right hand first. He throws some combos then tries to shoot the double leg again, but is stuffed by Quinones. They stand after a brief throw attempt by Sage, and Sage lands a good kick. He begins landing more and more as the round goes on, and Quinones is struggling with the speed still. Quinones throws a flurry of his own, and is trying to throw more late in this last round. Sage lands some more and then once again shoots the double leg. Quinones stuffs it at first, but Northcutt powers through and slams Quinones. They scramble to their feet though, where Sage again imposes his will. Quinones backs up again, and Sage shoots for another takedown. Quinones stuffs this one as well, and just before the end of the round, Sage throws a cartwheel kick for the heck of it. 

Sage Northcutt def. Michel Quinones via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3) 

Tatiana Suarez (win) vs. Viviane Pereira

In our next fight, the second-to-last of the Prelims, we have a Women's strawweight contest between two talented and young up and comers. Returning TUF winner Tatiana Suarez takes on 13-0 Brazilian UFC newcomer Viviane Pereira. In the first round of action, Suarez opens with some low kicks, one of which lands flush. Viviane lands good punches of her own. As Suarez clinches, she lands good knees, but they shortly after separate. Suarez clinches again and presses Viviane against the fence. Viviane attacks with a guillotine, but lets it go, and Suarez works and finds the takedown. Suarez tries to control on top as Viviane tries to strike from the bottom. Suarez contines to work on tom through transitions and ground and pound. She now has the back of Viviane. Suarez continuing to show good back control, as she now attacks the Rear naked choke. Viviane defends well, but Suarez works hard for the choke from the back. She shows off her ground pedigree with her control of Viviane. As Viviane rolls, Suarez follows and keeps dominant top control, finishing the round on top with ground and pound.

To begin the second, Suarez again goes to low kicks early. Suarez shoots the takedown and Viviane sprawls well, but then as she goes for the guillotine she fails and lets go as she falls, giving up top control to Suarez. Suarez now dominant on top in side control. She lands good strikes, and then passes to full mount. She lands huge elbows. As Suarez goes for the arm, Viviane scrambles out, but Suarez flows back on top skillfully, keeping control on top against the cage. She continues to land good ground and pound from here. Viviane attacks with the guillotine from the bottom a couple of times, unsuccessful. Suarez continues to ride out the fight on top, landing shots as Viviane squirms to find an escape underneath. Suarez lands good hammerfists, shortly before the round once again ends with her dominant top control.

To begin the third, Suarez again throwing kicks, using her distance. Viviane lands some good shots, but the Suarez clinches her. Viviane then grabs onto the guillotine, dropping into it and again landing on the bottom of Suarez, who is now back in her world, side control. She lands some elbows, flowing as Viviane tries to find an escape again. She uses the headlock with her left arm to land good shots to Viviane's body, and Suarez keeps her pressed against the fence, landing knees and punches. She passes into mount again, landing good shots as she has the whole fight. Back to side control, Suarez lands knees to the body. She now takes the back of Viviane. She again shows her masterful control, and even goes for an armbar from the back, but the buzzer sounds before she can do anything more. 

Tatiana Suarez def. Viviane Periera via Unanimous Decision (30-27x2, 30-26) 

John Dodson vs. Marlon Moraes (win)

Next up, we have the featured Prelim fight of the evening. In this Flyweight matchup, UFC veteran and 2 time 125-lb title challenger, John 'The Magician' Dodson takes on former WSOF Bantamweight Champion and #9 Ranked UFC Bantamweight Marlon 'Magic' Moraes. To start out the fight, they trade leg kicks. Marlon lands a body kick that Dodson catches, but Moraes follows with a right. More exchanges, quick ones as these are two of the fastest at 125. Moraes lands a couple of good kicks, Dodson lands a good left, and then another huge left hook that drops Moraes to his back side, Dodson pounces but Moraes recovers fast. They're back to the feet. Moraes lands a good leg kick, but whiffs on a second. As they exchange, Moraes throws and lands a kick low, hitting his opponent's cup, and it hurts Dodson bad. The referee calls a timeout and the doctor takes a look, but Dodson fully recovers. In the exchange that follows, Moraes lands a good right. He lands a couple of good body kicks as the round goes on. As he closes the distance with a 1-2, Moraes accidentally scrapes the eye of Dodson, which warrants another timeout from the referee. The round ends with an exchange. 

In the second round, Dodson comes out aggressively and eats some good punches from Moraes as he does. Dodson continues to come forward and Moraes lands a huge right hand, but it doesn't knock down the tough Dodson. They continue to exchange, both landing body kicks, then a good right from Moraes. Dodson catches a kick and lands the trip, but as Moraes goes for the heel hook, Dodson defends and lands some ground strikes, before they return to their feet. They throw some combos before another catch and trip by Dodson, another heel hook attempt by Dodson, and then as they scramble, a takedown attempt by Moraes. Dodson sprawls well to defend and they separate and return to the center of the octagon. Dodson lands some punches, as Moraes presses forward on him, trying some high kicks, barely missing a high kick. Marlon then goes for the double leg takedown, and lands it, but Dodson immediately posts with his right arm, trying to get to his feet, which he finally does as the round ends. 

Now in the final round, both men start out patient. Dodson tries to land a few punches, but Moraes slips them. Moraes throws a low kick but Dodson catches it and tries for a trip, which Moraes defends and runs away from. They continue to fight tentatively in this 3rd round, as it could be the decisive one of this fight. Moraes lands a good straight, and continues to circle around, as Dodson tries to close the distance now. Moraes keeping the distance well, and Dodson now landing some punches as he tries to find a home for his punches. He does so for a good left, but Moraes eats it. After some more combos, Moraes goes for the takedown and can't do anything with it, so the referee stands them up. Dodson pushes forward and clinches, but Moraes locks onto a Guillotine, ending the fight with the hold. 

Marlon Moraes def. John Dodson via Split Decision. In his post-fight interview, he called to be put into the fight with Jimmie Rivera on Dec. 30th in place of the injured Dominic Cruz.


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