Top Muay Thai Knockouts


Muay Thai is a boxing martial art with a rich history, and an equally rich history of satisfying knockouts. Whether it's a serious display of skill or just dumb luck, this list chronicles some of the most impressive Muay Thai knockouts in recent history.

Max Muay Thai 2015

To kick off our list, let's start with a prime example of deception leading to a surprise win. This clip is from the Max Muay Thai competition back in 2015, and shows the benefits of being able to mislead your opponent.

The fighter in black throws up his hands as if he's about to push through his opponent's defenses with a knee, which causes the red fighter to move his head back. A surprisingly swift kick to the head leads to one seriously impressive K.O.

Elbow to the Face in Phuket

Quick reflexes and good judgement led this fighter to victory in this Phuket Muay Thai fight. Previously evenly matches, a quick backspin elbow to the face leaves his opponent reeling.

Notice how wobbly his legs are..that had to hurt! (Skip to 1:20 for the good part!)

Killer Roundhouse Kick

 Roundhouse kicks are fun to watch, and they're staggeringly effective in the right circumstances. Take a look at this video of a particularly nasty kick to the head. The victor sets up his win with a few punches, and secures it with a killer roundhouse kick to the face. Ouch!

Amazing Spinning Elbow

As our second "elbow attack" on the list, it's clear how effective a hard elbow to the face can be. Back in 2015, this fight between Alex "Cyborg" Wallace and Yannick Renne ended pretty suddenly with an incredibly powerful spinning attack. The whole match is worth watching, but you can skip to 8:50 to see this knockout in all its glory. Renne's body goes completely stiff and he drops like a rock!

Flying Superman Elbow

 You may be noticing a trend - elbow attacks are some of the best tools for knockouts in Muay Thai, so it's no coincidence that we have three on our list.

The clip below is actually of UFC veteran Clint Hester who decided to compete in a Muay Thai competition back in 2012. At first it looks like it's going to be a quick loss as he goes down a few seconds in, but he turns it around with a flying elbow to the face. It's proof that techniques from MMA can translate into a straight Muay Thai fight in the hands of an experienced fighter.

Price vs Lecat Double Knockout

 It's a rarity, but always fun to behold, when a double knockout happens in Muay Thai. Earlier this year in a fight between Dorian Price and Jonathan Lecat, the two opponents were evenly matched from the get go. They battered each other with punches and ended up hitting the mat at the same time. The winner would be the first fighter to stand up, and the only one who was able to get back on his feet was Price.

Daniels vs Ambang Knockout

In one of the most technically impressive knockouts on this list, this fight between Raymond Daniels and Francois Ambang has been dubbed the "top muay thai knockout of the century." With an accolade like that, this clip had better impress! After a series of punches, Ambang was down but quickly got back up. Daniels took advantage of his now-weakened opponent and ended things with a right kick with one leg and a spinning kick to the head with the other.

Pumphanmuang vs Myawaddy Knockout

Despite generally being a sport where honor is valued and respect for your opponents and being a good sport is paramount, sometimes shady actions can lead to a quick victory.

In a controversial match back in 2013 Rajchasie Pumphanmuangand Suntu Myawaddy touched gloves at the beginning of the match, as is traditional. However, Pumphanmuang followed up the glove touch with a kick that led to an instant knockout. While technically legal, this action didn't win Pumphanmuang any fans in the Muay Thai arena. 

Well, there you have it! Some of the top Muay Thai knockouts, from the technically astounding to the super shady. Muay Thai, like many martial arts, is super exciting to watch. If you'd like to further quench your thirst for Muay Thai carnage, check out the compilation video below! 


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