Best Supplements for Training and Recovery for Fighters


You are in the ring facing your opponent, and he is looking mighty fierce. Did you do everything in your power to prepare for this epic battle? Are you functioning at your personal best, and do you have what it takes to bring this person down? At precisely this moment, you will want that answer to be, "Yes, I most definitely do!"

Uncontested, the best thing fighters can do to for their profession is focusing on their training, diet and sleep. This strong base needs to be established first and foremost as part of the fighters daily regiment. A healthy lifestyle must come first and foremost to advance in a fighting career. Although they are not a magic pill supplements are great for aiding in strength and muscle building,recovery and overall wellness. They are exactly as described, "supplements", and should be used "supplementary" to your already preexisting healthy lifestyle to fill any gaps that have been missed. Now, are there a list of the best supplements for training and recover for fighters? Absolutely! Almost every fighter uses supplements. They can assist in boosting muscle strength and development, providing more energy and keeping the body at its optimal.

When training as hard as fighters do, often times the body gets run down, and can not absorb the nutrients it needs. It becomes dehydrated, tired, overworked and sometimes is pushed beyond its limits. That is why it so important to maintain the balance of diet and sleep along with the training portion. An important part of the diet then becomes the supplementation to ensure you are receiving everything your body needs for maintaining normal functions, building muscle and endurance and aiding in its recovery from working out. Below you will find a list of the top supplements we recommend fighters take for peak performance. 

The Top 6 Recommended Supplements for Fighters

Protein Powder

There is controversy in this category as to which type of protein powder is the best, but one thing is for sure, it is the most recommended supplement for all fighters as protein consumption is extremely important when focusing so intently on strength and conditioning. 

Protein comes in many forms, the most common being whey, casein, milk, soy, hemp or a plant based combination. Although there is no study that has been conducted as to which protein is proven more effective for muscle development, there is a difference in absorption rates between protein powder types. For example, whey protein is known to be absorbed by the body in under an hour, as casein has a slower digestive rate with a steady release of amino acids into the bloodstream. This offers a prolonged rebuilding period, not only in the window directly following training.. This slow release has been shown to keep the reconstruction process going and may even blunt cortisol levels. Whey is definitely the most popular choice of protein for most fighters due to the marketing, price and availability of it.


Creatine is a nutrient that the body produces on its own. It can also be found in foods such as red meats. It is known for supplying energy in short explosive bouts, so is often used to enhance high intensity workouts and provide performance boosts for sports like fighting. 

The catch here, is that creatine retains water, and adds weight and bulk. If you are looking for a leaner look, or to fight in a lower weight level, creatine is not recommended. Often in fighting it is the skill that supersedes weight and bulk, regardless.


BCAA's are part of the proteins that are used to build muscle. They contain the three amino acids, leucine, valine and isoleucine that are directly tied to how the body processes food to build muscle and prevent atrophy. They most definitely work, and can found in any protein. People have found it to assist in muscle retention through high levels of cardio, such as fight training.

Fish Oil

Aside from the protein powder, this is the 2nd most recommended supplement to take as it is a highly beneficial for overall health. It prevents many diseases, has anti inflammatory effects and even helps with weight loss. Very importantly for fighters, it has been known to aid in the recovery process with aches and pains associated with heavy and intense training. 

A couple of recommendations for fish oil:

  • find a brand that has a high ratio of EPA and DHA acids.
  • Be patient.When supplementing with fish oil, it takes a couple of months to see the benefits.


Caffeine is a highly used supplement by fighters and a valuable tool for taking performance up a notch during training and in the ring. It increases energy and fights fatigue. Caffeine is a vasodilator used to increase blood flow to muscles and deliver the essential nutrients they need at all times. Caffeine has been known to block the absorption of the very important compounds from vitamin D and Calcium, so it is not to be over used. 

Many studies have also confirmed that the supplemental form is more beneficial to the body than the caffeine found in coffee.


Although the topic of debate, a good multivitamin can fill in the gaps that your diet may not be providing. Many of our food sources have become depleted of their natural nutrients, so it is important to make sure your body is receiving the essentials that it needs. The controversy arises in the absorption levels. Is the body really absorbing enough to make this supplement beneficial? The answer depends on the type of vitamin. It has been recognized that the body prefers whole food intake over synthetic. So always reach for that multivitamin that has been organically created using real food products.

When it comes to proper nutrition for a fighter, supplementation becomes important as the body is exerting an extreme amount of energy to keep up with training, fighting and recovery. Good supplementation will most likely be more expensive, but well worth it. You will definitely see results when you give your body what it needs. 

Always reach for the purest, rawest forms of supplements when possible. With the intense training that is involved in fighting regimes, it is imperative to your health to stay consistent with training, diet and sleep. Next time you are in the ring with your opponent, there will be no more questions. You will know you are doing your ultimate best in preparation for the battle that awaits. ​ 


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