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    Area 1 Only two weight bouts participated in this fighting area. It was junior male -55 and junior male -59. Here are the results of the competition.Junior male -55: The champion was Anass Zbairi Akour from Belgium. He defeated Alessandro Parig...
    The first day of Croatian Open was full of amazing fights and impressive points. New taekwondo rules made fights more dynamic and interesting. Categories will be listed here according to the fighting areas. Honourable mentions included, too. Are...
    Jonathan Ramirez
    21 November 2017
    To figure this out, we must first take a look at the beginnings of this martial art. Taekwondo has its beginnings in South Korea dating back to the 1940s, developed after World War 2, when schools called Kwans began to open up around Korea. Thes...
    Zach Riley
    20 November 2017
    The World Taekwondo Grand Prix is one of the biggest official competitions for Taekwondo worldwide, and Series 3 just recently wrapped up. We've still got the finals (in December) before the tournament concludes, but let's take a look at the results ...
    Vladimir Zec Vladisavljevic
    10 September 2017
    History The Galeb Belgrade Trophy is a tournament which has a very long tradition in Serbia. It started as a very small competition, in a hall which has a maximum of three rings. During the first few years, there were not many famous competitors...

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