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    Angela Christu
    14 November 2017
    You hit the gym, you attend martial arts classes, but that just isn't enough for your needs. You want to elevate your training and your dedication to your art form to the next level, and you decide that you'd like to add a dojo to your home. Or ...
    Angela Christu
    22 October 2017
    You've taken the plunge and committed to participating in a monumental sporting event, and next comes the hard part!You must train and prepare your body to operate at its optimal ability. What does that entail? A lot of dedication, that's for sure! Y...
    Barry Drennan
    25 September 2017
    Following up on Part One, MAZ took the opportunity to ask John some insight regarding his mentors, his difference to other weightlifters, his views regarding Applied Weight Training for martial arts and Maximum Intensity Lifting for Combatives. Final...
    Angela Christu
    11 September 2017
    As we age, exercise becomes even more important. Although the body may not be able to do what it once could at its prime, with maintenance and sustained care, the human body is capable of continuing to do amazing things, including martial arts. Remem...
    Zach Riley
    06 September 2017
    Like any sort of physical activity, martial arts has significant benefits both in mind and body. Getting active and moving is important for people of any age, and it leads to a more fulfilling and healthy life. The helpfulness of martial arts doesn't...

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