5 Great Legal Performance Enhancers


You can have the healthiest lifestyle consisting of eating clean, organic and nutritious foods, getting sufficient sleep, and exercising for the right amount of time per week, but if you are involved in some high-level form of physical activity, your body will need supplements and enhancers. It is almost impossible to push your body to the limits without providing your body with the proper tools it needs to do so. Athletes lose vital nutrients at an alarmingly quick rate and need to prepare and replenish accordingly to remain in good health. In addition, they are also looking for ways to optimize their performances, and aside from training hard, using legal performance enhancers can help.

Yes, there is a lot of hype out there pertaining to which supplements and performance enhancers truly work. But the truth is, they do work. Your job is to research quality, and read some legitimate testimonies and find what works for you. It can be a lot of trial and error, but thankfully after consulting with athletes and professionals, there are some legal performance enhancers that they all agree upon which has allowed us to lead you in the right direction with the list we created below.

We say "legal" because all too often in the sports world, the phrase "performance-enhancing drugs" refers to substances such as steroids and other drugs that have been banned in athletic competitions. The World Anti-Doping Agency's primary focus is to establish and enforce rules regarding enhancing supplements and making sure all sports are played fairly between athletes. For example, doping with a steroid by far gives an athletic advantage strength wise over one who does not. There are, however, quite a few performance enhancers that are beneficial and legal to aid the athlete in reaching his or her greatest potential a more natural way. 


Sure high doses can make you feel jittery or sometimes unfocused, but these symptoms usually subside with intense physical activity and actually cause a stronger physical drive to perform. Caffeine has been used as an endurance enhancer for years, for one reason. It is natural, legal, and it works! It allows your endurance span to widen, performing for longer time periods and at higher power levels.

Although legal, there is a limit to the amount of caffeine a professional can have in their bodies. Aside from that, too much caffeine can have undesirable side effects such acting as a laxative or cause nausea or acid reflux. Your best bet is to find a caffeine source that works best for you. Many physical and mental performance enhancers have a green tea base which benefits both mind and body. Other popular caffeine sources include Guarana seeds and Ginkgo Biloba. Often times people will use these to provide power with the mental focus.

Co-enzyme Q10 or better known as CoQ10

CoQ10 is the substance in your body that provides you with the energy you need to do physical work, thus it has become a great performance enhancer. Although it already exists naturally in your body taking supplements allows your body to create large amounts of energy for longer durations of time. Many notice their abilities to continue their regular regiments of physical work with fewer efforts. 


The body burns through all the amino acids received from food intake really quickly during exercise. For a great protein replenish many athletes turn to BCAAs or branch chain amino acids to boost protein synthesis during their workouts. BCAAs are an excellent source of performance enhancers as there are absolutely NO risk factors involved to the athlete's career and reputation with their consumption. They are completely legal and can be a good energy source allowing the body to perform better through workouts and training sessions.

Beta Alanine

Here's a little secret! Not too many people know of the amazing benefits of taking beta alanine for performance enhancement. Being that high intensity exercise regimens produce a lot of acids that interfere with metabolism and reduce energy, many athletes have chosen to supplement with beta alanine. The more that you have of this in your system, the more endurance you will have. This enhancer does not work right away, it is works cumulatively. Meaning, it takes time to develop a presence in the muscles. It needs at least three weeks out to notice a difference in performance, and typically six to eight weeks to reach its peak enhancement levels.


Everyone knows how important electrolytes are for hydration and prevention of cramps, but do yourself a favor and skip the highly marketed and not so healthy Gatorade type drinks. They contain way too much sugar, food coloring, and often other not so necessary ingredients that could actually be horrible for your health. Instead, reach for magnesium, an electrolyte which gets quickly depleted during exercise can easily be replenished by supplementing in a drink format before, during and after any activity. Magnesium is considered by many as a "must" for athletes. It plays a vital role in energy, recovery, and performance. If you find yourself fatigued, inflamed after a workout, you could very well be lacking in sufficient magnesium.

It is always wise to consult with a primary care physician, or nutrition specialist prior to beginning any new health care regiment. Always monitor your body for changes, and start at the smallest dose possible, working your way up. If you experience any unpleasant side effects or allergic reactions stop the supplement immediately.


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