How to Pull Yourself Out of a Martial Arts Training Slump

We've all been there. With any sort of repetitive physical activity, it's easy to get a little demotivated and bored. Martial Arts are exciting and dynamic when you're actually sparring, but there's a lot of practice that goes into getting your mind and body up to snuff for the road ahead. That practice can really start to drain on you after a while. There's no denying it's important, but how do you continue to move forward when you feel like giving up? In this article we'll talk about some tips and tricks for getting out of a martial arts training slump.

Try Out Shorter And More Intense Workout

While it's not always easy or beneficial to cut down on your workout times, if you ratchet up the intensity it's possible to fit an explosive workout into a much shorter time frame. Pick a routine filled with difficult exercises to really push your body to the limit.

Increase the difficulty of strength training regimes with modifications. There's a lot of great resources out there that give some tips on how exactly to make an activity more intense. While these may not apply directly to martial arts, they're generally applicable to any sort of strength or cardiovascular training.

Focus On The Fundamentals

Tying in with the tip above, it's important to focus on the basics when you're in a training slump. It's easy to get tied up in accessory or supplemental exercises while honing your skills, but when you're unmotivated they're just flat-out not necessary.

Honestly, even after following these tips it's likely you still won't be at your absolute best. Fluctuations and motivation in your ability to put in a good workout are natural and not always something you can avoid. "Trimming the fat" so to speak in your routine will help you spend a reduced amount of time working out while still focusing on the exercises that will move you forward in your martial arts training.

Check Out Some New Scenery

Practicing martial arts is largely done inside, but there's nothing saying you can't take your personal practice outdoors. When we get in rut, oftentimes a change of scenery is all we need to lift our spirits and get us back to 100% efficiency.

Martial Arts training largely uses just your body or some pretty mobile equipment, so why not get some fresh air while you get your blood pumping? It doesn't always make sense as a regular activity, but heading outside once in awhile may be just the ticket to get you back on track.

Relax On the Diet

Any serious athlete pays close attention to their nutrition. Striking the right balance between consuming enough calories to support an active lifestyle and avoiding overeating can be difficult. Add to that the balance of macronutrients athletes aim for and it can become quite a chore to manage your diet.

Don't totally drop all your hard work, but letting yourself relax a little bit when it comes to "eating clean" may make it easier to focus on your workout.

Life is all about balance. Giving in a little bit on the diet will let you put way more effort into training to try to get yourself more excited and motivated.

Take a Day Off

Sometimes a day away from training is all you'll need to get your spirits up and excited to return to your workout. As an athlete, your body is used to some serious physical activity. Take a break for a day or two and it's likely you'll be raring to get back into the gym.

Don't let a day turn into a week, but sometimes a training slump is a sign you need to take it easy. As we mentioned with the diet section above, pulling back a little might give you the rest and motivation you need to jump back into your martial arts training and give it your all.

Try Out Some New Tunes

A lot of us have a "workout playlist" that is our go-to when we're working out, but adding some new material and removing the stale stuff can spice up a workout and make it easier to put in the time it takes to improve at your martial art.

Check out this list of great workout tunes for some inspiration. Change it up!

Track Your Activity

When you're just not "feeling" your workout, it can help to track your workouts either physically or in some sort of app. Chances are that in these situations you're not going to have a lot of motivation to keep up your martial arts practice. Giving yourself some validation in the form of a "gold star" or a check in the box may be just what you need to force yourself to get off the couch and headed to the martial arts studio.

Be Accountable To Someone

To expand on the section above, a lot of getting out of a training slump is just pushing through it. Any sort of modification or motivator to keep you focused on your training is going to play a large part in making sure you don't get too far off track. Consider scheduling your workouts with a friend or loved one that can hold you accountable.

Feeling a need to show up to avoid disappointing your workout buddy can be stressful, but it may just be the kick in the pants you need to keep moving forward.

Overall, Just Push Through It

To sum it all up, you're going to have to take a combination of these tips and your own experience to really push yourself through a slump. Slumps for an athlete are unavoidable, but they're also temporary. Avoid getting too far off track by making modifications or pulling back a little, but continuing to push forward towards your goals.

Martial arts training is difficult and you're not always going to want to practice, but if you want to improve in your sport - mind and body alike - you'll need to learn to push through when the going gets tough. It's an integral part of being an athlete, and a crucial lesson to learn as a martial artist.


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